The Eurythmy4you Self Help Kit

Our Eurythmy4you Research Project has started!

By January 3, 2021, we will publish 105 videos with exercises with the vowels A, E, I, O, U, Ei and Au three times a week. We released the first video on YouTube at 3:00 p.m today. The next will follow on Wednesday and Friday.

Here you will find the videos assembled in seven courses

Each video shows a therapeutically effective exercise and three exercises belong together. You choose which exercises you want to try and which you don't.

  1. Perform the movements yourself and experience their resonance  internally.. Make the exercise as calm and intimate as possible.
  2. Decide for yourself how long and how often you will do an exercise.
  3. After that, take five minutes to calmly feel what you are experiencing and meditate on the therapeutic effects of this exercise.
  4. Write your perceptions and suggestions in the comment field on the page of the exercise.

With your help, we would like to develop a method by which we learn to use the collective knowledge of our body intelligence to identify the potential of these exercises.

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Guten Tag,

ich wollte fragen ob man sich noch ausnahmsweise einschreiben kann, ich
wohne in Frankreich und habe es verpasst rechtzeitig mich drum zu kümmern.
Wir haben gemeinsame Bekannte, Ludmila Obratov ist meine Stiefmutter und
ich bin die älteste Tochter von Ivan Obratov (eurythmist).
Ihre Eurythmie finde ich wunderbar und der Zufall wollte das ich auf ihr
Web gestossen bin.

Ihr neues eurythmie projekt interessiert mich auch, vielleicht könnte es
einen neuen Zugang für mich sein.

Herzliche Grüsse und rechten Dank für Ihre Antwort,

jasmina Obratov

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