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Eurythmy: U in Action

Resting in oneself– transcending boundaries
5 Exercises on level 2, duration 14 minutes, with pause and possible rest.

With the eurythmic U exercises (U pronounced as in Ursula) you learn to stay centered in yourself even in difficult situations; free yourself from entanglement in sympathy and antipathy; become more open to external circumstances and people and strengthen your presence and charisma. The texts to the exercises may be found at the bottom of this page.

Introductory videos

Questions to the eurythmy exercises

A2    Streaming in-Streaming out

  • Do you manage to open your shoulder blades in such a manner that you can perceive the stream towards the back?
  • Do you do this solely with the shoulder blades or does the chest also play a role?
  • Does the stream pass through the bones of the shoulder blades or do you perceive it around and behind them?
  • Can you follow the stream towards the back and remain fully present within yourself?

  • How do you use your hands?
  • Do you quickly change direction to start the new direction?
  • Do you allow the hands to turn slowly, as if in outer space, by letting go in front?
  • Are the hands turning in front supported by a counter current?
  • What happens when you allow yourself time for the change of direction?

  • How do you experience the counter current in streaming forward and what effect does it have?

  • What happens in listening to the resonance? Does a type of special awareness come about? How do you experience this?

B2    I in U – above the head

  • When lifting the arms – do you stay relaxed? Do you notice where tension comes from, and can you let go of it?
  • Do you manage to bring the arms up into the vertical solely by contracting the torso? Why do they stop there and not even closer together?
  • What do you have to do to allow the arms to become weightless above? What happens to your legs and feet as a result?
  • How does it feel standing between heaven and earth? Can you remain like that for a while without tiring?
  • In carefully relaxing the body and allowing the arms to sink down can you experience an immediate effect? Do you experience the resonance as a deepening?

D2    U from the toes

  • What brings about the streaming together in your legs? Do you inwardly concentrate on your legs; do you strongly hold onto a thought or do you hold onto an image in your consciousness?
  • Does an intensive connection to the ground allow you to experience your size and upright position even more clearly?
  • Does streaming together from the left and right in the legs create a feeling of calm and security? How does this feeling change when you very slowly rise and descend on the toes?
  • How do you cope with unstable situations? Do they distract you or can you remain focused on the streaming together in the legs?
  • When supporting yourself against a wall – does that help you to concentrate on the streaming together in the legs?

Exercise texts

A2    Streaming in and streaming out

At the level of the heart, stream towards the chest with the hands so that you have the feeling that a stream goes through your chest to behind your back. Turn the hands and calmly stream forwards again. Pay attention to the counter current. While streaming in, it softly streams out. While streaming forwards, it softly streams towards you.

B2    The I in U above

Bring the arms up loosely. Pull your body together and feel into the arms so that they are carried along and also become straightened. Try to regulate the activity in your body so that the arms are carried practically weightlessly and can remain in this stretched position.

Video: I in U

C2    U from the left and right in seven zones

Slowly and mindfully create the U from left and right, streaming together above your head. Allow it to work for a while. Release the gesture slowly and mindfully, as if you would dilute and potentise a medicine. Allow the memory of the meeting of the two sides to resonate. Repeat this in six descending zones and perceive the varying effects on yourself in each zone.

Video: The U from the left and right

D2    U on the toes

Allow the energies of the left and right sides to stream together in the legs. Slowly rise onto the toes and descend even more slowly. Don’t hesitate to use a chair or a wall as a support. Try to retain the feeling of streaming together in the legs even while they are fighting to retain their balance. 

Video: Hope U

E2    The upper system pulls backwards and carries you from without

Place the legs at shoulder width and slowly stream down from your center into the region of the legs. Allow the body to be inclined slightly forwards by this. Let the arms stream up to a slight bow on the sides. Use your arms to listen to the space behind. Allow yourself to be pulled slightly backwards by this with an experience of both being carried and lightness--as if holding your own rainbow in your hands.

Video: Hope U

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Eight weeks with meditations, exercises and eurythmy

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