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The exercises with explanations as a run, then deepening Yes-No

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An elastic system can cushion a lot of things. With a hard system, the same attack causes an injury to the brittle surface and can penetrate.

These exercises that make the rhythmic system more resistant, strengthen breathing and circulation and thus make us resistant to external attacks:

  1. Yes - No
  2. Sympathy - Antipathy
  3. Love - E
  4. Hope - U
  5. A-H - Reverence

However, there is no one hundred percent protection against virus infections. They are a social issue. We go through something together, and if it gets you, you are taking on a partially shared fate.

Therefore, these exercises are not just about reducing the risk of infection. It is also about surviving the disease as well as possible in the event of infection. Does the body have the elasticity to allow the fever, to keep the breath and circulation in motion, to increase the immune defense, to get the metabolism and excretion flowing?