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DF - GK, a brilliant prelude to a calming sequence

All our archetypal movements can be assigned to the zodiac signs and the planets. 

Isn't it surprising that the sequence begins with the incredible antagonism between D (Leo, Sun) and F (Cancer, Moon)? Fire and water must be brought into a fruitful exchange. A brilliant prelude to a calming sequence, isn't it! You will see that we will meet all four elements in the first two sounds.

G and K, both fire signs, are friendlier to each other. But there we have to deal with our inner duality and how the upper and lower systems work so differently into one another.

But these connections are just the beginning of our path through the sequence. On the way we want to let ourselves be guided as openly as possible by what will be shown to us in the course of three lessons.

If you have to deal with children or adults who are agitated, restless and nervous, then this D F G K H - R sound sequence can have a calming and relieving effect. Rudolf Steiner, September 17, 1912

The eurythmic gestures of the consonants. The relations of the consonants to each other and to the vowels. Their connections with the zodiac system and the planets.