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Eurythmy 2: The A from above

In this video you learn to let go with trust and nonetheless to be filled with strength. Only he who can let go unconditionally can be filled with joy by that which comes towards him.

Stress Release from within - ABSR Basic course

ABSR = Activity Based Stress Release

A sequence of exercises against inner stress, caused by

  1. Forgetfulness
  2. Jumpiness and anxiety
  3. Self-doubt and over-anxiousness
  4. Restlessness and loss of control
  5. Dependencies
  6. Compulsions and indecision
  7. Being hunted by thoughts

When you have practised the exercises for some time you might notice that:

  • you are more self-confident,
  • that practising is fun,
  • new experiences fill you with joy,
  • you become less forgetful,
  • you're more relaxed in general,
  • you experience yourself as more secure,
  • you arrive in yourself.

For more joy in everyday life.