The working groups have started their work and registration is now closed. We look forward to putting the results into action in our autumn ABSR research project. There, our international team of certified course leaders, therapists, artists and scientists welcomes you to a scientific research project in partnership with the University of Bern and the Perseus Research Cooperation.

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We Develop Exercises for Trauma Therapy

Every Sunday from 23 April to 2 July 2023 at 4:45 pm CET

The Eightfold Path touches essential stages of being human. In particular, it touches on what we humans all carry within us as potential, even though we still have a long way to go before we can live it: The sense that we are all connected, and that our centre consciousness is only a mirror of our deeper being.

Rudolf Steiner has shown how the themes of the Eightfold Path may be transformed into simple everyday exercises which form a comprehensive stress management programme. Since dissociation and absorption in the environment as well as post-traumatic stress management are central themes in trauma therapy, it might make sense to use the structure of the Eightfold Path to go in search of key elements for a sustainable and meaningful trauma therapy.

How we work

  • In the meetings on Sunday we look at the theme of the new step of the path.
  • During the following week we look for possibilities to connect the theme of the week with what we have learned in the Trauma Conference and with our own ideas for trauma therapy.
  • In the Trauma Forum we exchange ideas and possibly try out one or the other.
  • At the next meeting we will show each other what we have found and develop it further.

Schedule of the meetings on Sunday
Times in CET. Find your time zone here: Time Zone Converter

Part I   We develop exercises for trauma therapy
Reflection on the theme of the previous week. Eurythmy for Trauma

Breakout rooms: What ideas for exercises do we bring back from last week?

Plenary: Two or three groups report on their gathering  

End of part I
      Change to the Eightfold Path meeting
  Part II   The Eightfold Path  
  18:15   Attunement to the theme of the week  

Eurythmy: The consonants and the vowel for this step of the path

Eurythmy: Steiner Text with the Vowel of the Week
  Breakout-Rooms: What does the Path tell me?
  19:05   Plenary, messages, questions  
  19:15   End of part II  

First Meeting on 23 April

The first meeting on 23 April follows a different schedule. It serves to get to know each other, form the groups, provide background information, and discuss the working methods.

Trauma Forum

We support each other in developing exercises for trauma therapy by sharing what we have experienced and found in the Trauma Forum.

Access is available to all who have purchased the Trauma Conference or participate in the Pathway and Trauma workgroups.

Trauma Forums
Communication in Depth

Practical work with a trauma therapy background.

All participants* have attended the Trauma Conference from January to April 2023 or studied the Trauma Conference recordings. They form the background for our practical work from week to week. Each week people meet in working groups to show each other the exercises they develop during the week and possibly already try out in practice, and to discuss them with each other.

The eightfold path offers a well founded structure for this, is a source of inspiration and helps to not get lost. Rudolf Steiner already developed practical exercises against nervousness from it, which can be cast into new forms for trauma therapy: Misplacing objects, changing handwriting, thinking backwards, changing behavior, renouncing small wishes, deciding with the heart, renouncing unnecessary criticism.

The first week is about the so-called Right Opinion, the crown chakra, and about renunciation of criticism, also towards oneself. Saturn and U, L, M outline the movement themes. For example, you could include sack race (U) in the program, a fairy tale could come to mind, for example Cinderella, or a part of it.

In the second week, with the Right Judgment, the forehead chakra, it is about practicing decision making, and the sun forces in our movement, which are supported by Au, D, T. There we move in a way that makes us great. Becoming a tree with the Au or jumping rope as a T-principle. To practice decision making, we look for group games where you have to decide who to pass the ball to, which chair to sit on, or you invent new ones yourself.

From this structure, new topics for practical work arise from week to week. We systematically go through the human constitution and look for and invent exercises that bring the part of the soul that has become peripheral due to the trauma back into life and strengthen it.