ABSR - Activity  Based Stress Release

 Practical exercises for stress reduction
and the different forms of nervousness.

Our self-help courses are the core of our work. Here you benefit from the systematic structure and the deep background of the exercises. An eight-week course will give you deep and powerful experiences! Scientifically evaluated. Look at our research page.

If a course is too expensive for you, just write us an email.

Guided group course with Theodor from September 27 to November 29, 2020

ABSR_Skizzen_Übungen_4b.JPGThis Activity Based Stress Release Course runs over 9 weeks. There are weekly webinars each sunday at 19:00 CET (check this time zone converter) to introduce the module and the eurythmy of the week. The replay will be added to the course within 24 hours. There is a chat, in which the participants can exchange ideas and Theodor answers questions. Maybe we will organize an online meeting room before the webinar where we can share the experiences of the past week. After the course you have all the lessons permanently available. Have a look on the enthusiastic feedback of participants.

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Prices: You will receive the guided group course at the price of the non-guided course ABSR-1 for 140 euros or reduced for 100 euros. Even those who can only pay little or nothing can participate (write an email).

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  • Eurythmy4you

    “If you get involved in this course, you can only win. You don’t have to have any prior knowledge of eurythmy or Rudolf Steiner. If you stick with it - but without pressure, abilities steadily develop at various levels. I find it incredible and extremely rewarding.”

    April - June 2019

  • Eurythmy4you

    “For me, it's the best and most concrete guidance and exercise series I've ever used to get from a "head" to a "heart-listening" view of the world. It helped me experience my ego in the body and also in interaction with the "forces of the surroundings". In today's troubled and uncertain times, it is a great help for me to re-establish the already almost forgotten basic trust.”

    April - June 2019

  • Eurythmy4you

    “The course encouraged and challenged me to take time for the exercises and thus for myself. The careful, calm introduction to the exercises has served me well. It was usually a nourishing break combined with the awareness that, with some continuous action, much can be achieved for one's own well-being.”

    April - June 2019

Videos with information on the composition of these courses

Introductory webinar on April 4, 2020

General introduction to Rudolf Steiner's exercises to overcome nervousness.
The connection of the exercises with the Eightfold Path, the days of the week and the vowels.
Deepening questions.

Introductory webinar on April 11, 2020
The webinar shows the polarities within these exercises and how they relate to the different layers of the human being. It discusses the role of the ego, the core of our personality. It is shown that the aim of these exercises is to develop humor, serenity and generosity - not only for others, but also for yourself.

How to attribute the Eurythmy of the vowels to the practical exercises
Excerpt from the webinar on April 11, 2020
(9 mins)

Rudolf Steiner's indications for esoteric eurythmy
Rudolf Steiner's indications for esoteric eurythmy as a framework to accompany the everyday exercises.
Excerpt from the webinar on April 11, 2020.

(10 mins)

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