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Resilience and Strength

Preparing for the adversities of life

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The Resilience and Strength Health Course

Build and strengthen your immune system

The health of one's immune system is reflected in the vitality of our rhythmic system. An elastic rhythmic system can withstand external and foreign pressures. With a hardened rhythmic system the same external attack can cause our brittle immune system to fracture, opening the door for foreign energies, including sicknesses, to penetrate our overall system.

There are five specific eurythmy exercises that make the rhythmic system more resilient, and the immune system more resistant. They will strengthen your breathing and circulation, and make you more robust to external attacks. Practising them in advance will support you in getting through an infection, increasing your immune defences, allowing a healing fever, and getting your metabolic and digestive systems in balance.

Resilience and Strength - Diagram

The Resilience and Strength course package includes:

  • Two cycles A and B with exercises for daily practice
  • A collection of longer run-throughs
  • Background information and recorded Q&A videos
  • Supportive daily emails to assist with your course run-through
  • The additional courses Corona Recovery Support and Mandatory Vaccination Partner

Normally we recommend to start with cycle A, followed by cycle B. This will allow you to practice and deepen the exercises over several weeks in different ways. But you can also start with any cycle you prefer according to your preferences, needs, and intuition. You can always switch cycles whenever you want. The forum for participants is accessible as soon as you have purchased the course.

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To view the lessons click A, B, C, or Background Information:

Intense and Powerful
Same exercise daily for a
New exercise every week

Daily practice 10 - 15 min
Duration 5 weeks

Variation and Change
Different exercise every day
New variation every week

Daily practice 10 - 15 min
Duration 6 weeks

Tranquillity and Relaxation
 Full sequences
for individual training

Practice time 30 - 40 min 

Background Information
About the exercises
Tips for Practice

40 videos, 1 - 3 min

  • Eurythmy4you

    “I really enjoy the sessions, although I have been a eurythmist for many years.
    It is wonderful to see someone else at work. Everyone has own ideas and I find that refreshing and stimulating. One never stops learning.”

  • Eurythmy4you

    “Once I worked with a eurythmist called Ilona Schubert, and how you work reminds me of how she worked, it moved me very much, and brings so much peace, how she seemed to begin always from the heart. Even knowing nothing at the time, this has been an inner star to find the way.”

  • Eurythmy4you

    “What I experience through time, I feel more confident, I feel as if a bigger force is carrying me, but also I carry myself! I experience a deep gratitude. The different exercises, I can't “think“ it, but I feel guided by Theodor, with his kind aproach towards the students. I experience more dreams, more hope, my soul feels carried too through the movements and exercises. ”

  • Eurythmy4you

    “When the COVID-19 stay at home started here in New York, I found the Monday and Friday classes for immunity strengthening and resilience. I gained much from the exercises, the sense of world community and from Theodor's clear way of explaining through the video medium. The pace, clarity and insight of the exercises unfolded in a health-giving way over the weeks I attended the classes. I added the exercises to my own daily practice; and found I could deepen these exercises more than I had in previous experiences.”

  • Eurythmy4you

    “It does me so good to practice a little every day. More than 20 years ago I completed my eurythmy studies and I’ve since worked in a Waldorf school. After a break of almost 10 years, I’ve started to recapture my body again. With the help of the videos the experiences are intense and I feel the healing and perceptive power. Such good work!”

  • Eurythmy4you

    “At this point I would like to thank you for providing these very high quality tutorial films. The films have helped me with my entry into Eurythmy so far. I have not met the extremely precise description and execution of exercises in this way before and I appreciate that very much!”