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Eurythmy4you Self Help Kit

On this page you will soon find 7 courses with over 100 exercises that are related to the eurythmy quality of the vowels. With your help, we would like to develop a method with which we learn to use the collective knowledge available in our body intelligence as a resource for the development of a Eurythmy Therapy Self Help Kit.

Learn to listen to your body!

  1. Experience the movements internally and perform them yourself. 
  2. Decide for yourself how long you will do the exercise and how often.
  3. After doing the excercise, take five minutes to calmly feel what you are experiencing and meditate on what the therapeutic effects of this exercise could be.
  4. Write your perceptions and suggestions in the comment field on the exercise page.
  5. The comments remain public and we can all see if there are  similarities or interconnections between the exercises.

We will publish these courses soon:

   O - Warmth and Light – Creating harmony

on 16.6.2020

I - a happy heart. Mobile and centered at the same time

on 21.7.2020

E - Creating relationship. Interweaving opposites

on 25.9.2020

Ei - Arrive at yourself. Nurture and gentleness

on 6.10.2020

  Au - Overview and Creativity - Creating Space for Freedom

on 3.11.2020

U - Resting in oneself– transcending boundaries

on 1.12.2020