Anthroposophy Based Stress Release ABSR
 Rudolf Steiner’s exercises for stress reduction

Rudolf Steiner's exercises from his lecture cycle on nervousness are a practical application of the Eightfold Path and deal with the different forms of nervousness. The exercises are carried out in daily life.They can be deepened and strengthened by corresponding eurythmy exercises.

Guided group course April 18 to June 20, 2020

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Introductory webinar with Theodor on April 11, 2020
Rudolf Steiner's exercises from the lecture cycle Overcoming Nervousness are a patchwork of 8 exercises that weave together. The webinar shows the polarities within these exercises and how they relate to the different layers of the human being.
The webinar discusses the role of the ego, the core of the personality. It is shown that the aim of these exercises is to develop humor, serenity and generosity - not only for others, but also for yourself.

Introductory webinar with Theodor on April 4, 2020
General introduction to to Rudolf Steiner's exercises to overcome nervousness. The connection of the Exercises with the Eightfold Path, the days of the week and the vowels.  Deepening questions.

How to Attribute the Eurythmy of the Vowels to Rudolf Steiner's Exercises for Overcoming Nervousness

Excerpt from the webinar on April 11, 2020
(9 mins)

Extract from the ABSR introductory webinar on April 11, 2020.
Rudolf Steiner's indications for esoteric eurythmy as a framework for eurythmy to accompany the everyday exercises. (10 mins)

Trailer for the Anthroposophy Based Stress Release course (1 minute)