Eurythmy4you Summer Festival

Embry­ology and
High Sensi­tivity

Sunday, July 25 through Friday, July 30, 2021

in the bilingual Swiss city of Biel/Bienne (German/French).


If you understand the development of the embryo from conception to the placement of the organs, human anatomy becomes more understandable. You see how everything finds its place.

You experience that the forming processes of the organs are never completed, that they still take place when you are 60 or 70 years old. You recognize that the primordial forces are still at work in the background.

We experience the embryonic developmental stages and their constant transformations in our movements and recognize essential gestures. We let the processes reverberate and listen to them. This is where the essentials begin to express themselves.

High Sensitivity

Highly sensitive people are characterized as possessing passion, creativity, an ability to think in larger contexts, a multi-faceted perception of complex relationships, accuracy, high body awareness, sense of style, empathy, selflessness, humor, a forward-looking consciousness and commitment to their beliefs.

On the other hand, their increased sensitivity and perception may cause stress symptoms that severely restrict daily life. But to renounce sensitivity for the sake of a simpler life? Does anyone really want that?

We want to show you, that sensitivity is something worth striving for. It is a gift of our innermost forces which want to be born and which can reveal themselves when we learn to listen into the forces that are at work in us from the beginning of our life.

High sensitivity is the future. And the highly sensitive are preparing it!

Registration (Corona safe)

If you would like to participate and reserve your place, fill out our registration form.

  • When we are sure that the Summer Festival can take place and travelling is possible, we will ask you to transfer the course fee shortly before the start of the festival.
  • If you are unable to come due to the corona virus, we will refund the course fee.
  • The course will not take place if the wearing of masks is compulsory.
  • Course fee: Euro 590 / CHF 640 / USD 710

We are looking forward to a large international audience. The courses are held in German and translated into in English.

Anyone can participate.

  • If you are already familiar with eurythmy, you can deepen your knowledge and experience and learn how to use this wonderful art for your personal advancement and well-being.
  • If you are new to eurythmy, you will enjoy the encounter with the multitude of possibilities that are dormant within you, waiting to be awakened.
  • If you experience yourself as a high sensitive person you will get insights and tools to experience your disposition as a treasure for yourself and others.

(due to change)

Opening afternoon meeting (Sunday, optional)

  • 15:00  Meeting at the Strandbad Biel
    Chat and swim in the Lake of Bienne
  • 18:00 Restaurant St. Gervais
    Eating together in the old town at your own expense

Eurythmy classes (Monday - Friday)

  • Embryology in motion
  • The germinating forces of high sensitivity
  • Stronger, healthier and happier with HSP

Lunch and Supper

  • Long Pause between 12:00 and 15:00
  • Kitchen on the premises
  • Vegetarian lunch available

Evening Program

  • Two evenings free
  • Two evenings with lecture and eurythmy performance: Novalis “Word spoken, as broken from the tree of life”.

End and departure

  • Friday July 30, 16:30

Impressions from the Eurythmy4you Summer Festival 2020

Johann Sebastian Bach - Cello Suite No. 1
Giovanna Galimberti 2017

Team and Teachers

  • Susanne Bukatz (Germany) is an experienced eurythmy therapist, nurse and neuromotoric development trainer. Susanne has been teaching the interrelationship between embryology, eurythmy and therapy for years and we are very happy to have her with us.
  • Theodor Hundhammer (Germany, Switzerland) is founder of Eurythmy4you and developed Eurythmy on Skis. Theodor will teach us eurythmy exercises for people with high sensitivity from the point of view of the noble eight-fold path of the Buddha and the sermon on the mount. Learn more about Theodor.
  • Ilse Hönig (Austria) has developed our online courses for High Sensitivity together with Theodor and Simon Waldmann and will lead us into the peace of eurythmic meditation. Ilse is the star of our very first  video The Power of Health.
  • Adele Waldmann (South Africa, Switzerland), specialist in musical eurythmy therapy, has been with Eurythmy4you from the beginning. Adele knows a lot about the background of embryology and will translate the lessons into English. Learn more about Adele.
  • Uli Schulz (Germany) is a private teacher and Eurythmy4you ABSR and HSP coach. Uli discusses the steps towards becoming a free being and shows us how the center of movement in eurythmy lies outside the human being and how the ego develops a rejuvenating effect on our thinking, feeling and willing as well as on our body.
  • Monika Birkhofer has been the heart of our administration right from the very beginning. Many of you know Monika from the chat in our live webinars and from our Eurythmy on Skis videos. She processes your registration, cares for your well-being at the festival and will answer all your questions. Learn more about Monika.

  • Sibylle Burg is a eurythmist and musician from Biel, Andrea Klapproth works as linguistic artist
    and speech therapist in Zürich. In their Eurythmy performance on July 27, 2021, they will present the biography of the poet Novalis.

Location and Accomodation

We meet for an exciting week in the bilingual home town of Eurythmy4you, Biel/Bienne. Enjoy the old town, the lake or take the funicular to the mountains behind the city.

More information about Biel/Bienne

The classes take place at Rudolf Steiner School Biel, Schützengasse 54, 2502 Biel, near the old town. Bus stops are

  • Bus route 1, Bellevue (directly in front and below the school).
  • Bus route 8, Catholic Church (above the school, 4 minutes walk).

A kitchen is available. You can bring your own food, cook with others or enjoy the delicious meals prepared by our beloved cook.

Accommodation is not provided.

Tips to find accommodation in Biel

Further questions?

Write an email to Monika: