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Do you want to do something for your health and wellbeing? Are you looking for your inner sources of strength, would you like to better cope with stress or be more balanced? Then our courses and videos are just right for you!

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Develop trust in your own strength

Chronic illnesses, family worries or even stress at work - we all know these and other burdens in our daily life. How do you succeed in seizing these challenges as opportunities for inner growth?

Eurythmy is a tool with which we can discover our own resources. Similar to other body-mind methods such as yoga or tai-chi, it helps you to find a harmonious balance and to activate your own energies. We share our experiences with eurythmy in our courses, webinars and workshops with a growing, international circle of people who are searching for a new body awareness.

Programs for health and self-management

We combine practical everyday exercises with the mindful and energetic movements of eurythmy - for more vitality and more joy in life.

  • The ABSR courses deal with many different forms of nervousness
  • The HSP courses help you to live fearlessly and to contribute to life.
  • The course to the eightfold path helps you to go your way more and more self-determined.
  • The webinars are a place in which we learn exercises on various health topics together

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Basic Eurythmy courses

In our videos we show you how you can experience and develop the inner mobility of your body with eurythmy - and much easier than you might think.

In these courses you will not only get moving externally but also internally. Because eurythmy touches all levels of your being: you get to know your body in a new way, you gain more energy, self-confidence and joy in life. This is not only good for you, but also for the world you live in.


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