What we offer

Our courses and videos are for those who wish to take care of themselves. We help you to cope with themes like stress reduction, hypersensitivity, regulation of emotions (such as anxiety, sadness, impulsivity), and general aspects of human well-being.

  • Our self-help courses for daily practice are based on practical exercises that work in combination with the mindful movements of eurythmy.
  • Our courses on eurythmy provide important insights into the inner mobility of your body, enabling you to move more effortlessly than you may think possible. 

Skieurythmie Berge

Eurythmy affects every level of your being. It helps all parts of your being to develop in harmony. Being in touch with your inner forces frees them to grow and develop. Since you as a human being are not only confined in your physical skin, you do this work not only for yourself, but for the world in which you live. 

Our self-help courses, webinars and workshops are designed to help you face challenges as an opportunity for inner growth. That gives meaning to everything you encounter.


Rewire your brain
Become more alive inwardly
Work on a full body experience
Nurture your imagination
Breathe deeply again
Be connected