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Corona Support Courses

We support you through your Corona experience.

Corona Recovery Support

If you (or someone you know) are currently experiencing Corona illness we suggest this highly effective compilation of Resilience and Strength exercises.

Corona Recovery Support - Diagram

In the first week and only if it feels good to you, you practice the "Love and E" exercise (for five to ten minutes a day). This warms the body and helps it to find itself again.

If you feel better (and only then) you move forward and put "Sympathy and Antipathy" and  "Hope and U" before and after the "Love and E" Exercise.

When you are really feeling good again, you can start with the whole sequence: Yes and No, Sympathy and Antipathy, Love and E, Hope and U, A-H and Reverence.

It is important that you remain attentive to whether the exercises are doing you good and only then progress to the next ones.

By doing so you will foster your recovery in a slow and gentle way and  grow a healthy composition of your life forces.

This will help you regain control of your everyday life again and may be even help you experience it in a new way.

Corona Recovery Course

Mandatory Vaccination Partner

In many countries, people are strongly advised or required to get vaccinated against Corona. For those who do not want to be vaccinated for various reasons, it can be a difficult decision due to the mental and personal integrity impacts to one’s personal identity. 

If you or (or someone you know) are currently facing this or a similar situation, then consider this supportive arrangement of Resilience and Strength exercises:

Mandatory Vaccination Partner - Diagram

You start with the polar exercises of pondering between Yes and No on the one side and opening up to the flow of evolution on the other.

When you feel the need to move forward, you start practising another  polarity of exercises, the "Sympathy and Antipathy" exercise and the "Hope and U" exercise, and by doing so coming closer to your personal feelings and emotions.

At last, when the event comes closer, you move forward to the exercise "Love and E".

This will allow you to connect with the power of your heart forces and move forward in the best possible way. Even in a situation you wouldn't have chosen yourself.

Mandatory Vaccination Partner

Preparing for Vaccination

For those who are willing to become vaccinated and also to do the follow-up vaccinations, but want to prepare for possible strain on the body and minimize negative impacts of a Corona Vaccination we recommend Cycle A and B of the Resilience and Strength course Package.

Resilience and Strength - Diagram


Resilience and Strength
Includes also Corona Recovery Support
and Corona Vaccination Partner

 14 days unlimited right of return