Welcome to the Eurythmy4you Affiliate Partner Program

This is how it works

After you have registered for the affiliate partner program, you can add your partner number to all course links which you wish to offer to your audience. If they visit our website with this link and then buy one of the Eurythmy4You courses accessed through the link you provided, you will receive the commission automatically.

Sign up for the partnership

Register here

All it takes is filling out the form and you'll have your own partner account. You can track your sales in your account.

Get your commission

You will need a PayPal account through which the commissions will be automatically transferred. As the buyer has the option of cancelling the product the payment will be made after 30 days.

Create your promotional links

You copy the url of the page you want to show someone. In your Eurythmy4you partner account  you can easily convert it into an partner link. Include the link in all of your promotions (emails, Facebook and Instagram posts). It is very simple to add your partner link to any Eurythmy4You URL. All you have to do is to add ?ref= and your partner number, e.g. https://www.eurythmy4you-en.com/high-sensitivity?ref=MyNumber.

Pro tip: Your partner links consist of the original link, followed by: ?ref= and a number, a hyphen, and subsequent letters. The only part that is really used for tracking is the number. If you want, you can change anything after the hyphen as you like or just use the number.

Prepare your campaign - for any course, in any language

You get the commission for all courses that you broker through the use of your link, including those in other languages. 

Material for your campaigns

If Eurythmy4You has created marketing materials for a course you are interested in linking to through your marketing, those materials will be available below.

Texts, flyers and pictures for the HSP course

Do you have questions?

If you have any problems or questions, you are always welcome to contact our partner coach Monika. We are happy to help and look forward to our growing partnership.

Thank you for joining us in realizing our vision for eurythmy!

Your Eurythmy4you team

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