Scientific evaluation of the course

ABSR 1 - Stress release from within

Scope: Eight modules of one week each
Content: Daily exercises and eurythmy

Course Overview

Start of the survey: April 24, 2019
End of the survey:
August 31, 2019

Evaluation of the ABSR-1 course with healthy people who completed the course in 8 weeks (one week per module) and were willing to do the suggested exercises daily.

Task for the participants
15 minutes exercise and 15 minutes eurythmy daily.
Every day (optionally every week):
   - Questionnaire about the participant's experiences during the practice
   - Questionnaire about the participant's state of well-being

Scientific evaluation
The results are evaluated by the Institute for Complementary and Integrative Medicine of the University of Bern, IKIM.

Translation into English will follow soon

ABSR-Evaluation 2019-V1.DE Folie2.jpeg

ABSR-Evaluation 2019-V1.DE Folie3.jpeg




ABSR-Evaluation 2019-V1.DE Folie6.jpeg


These results have not been released for further use. All rights are held by IKIM and Eurythmy4you. The publication is still in preparation. It will be made available for download here after completion.