Who is who at Eurythmy4you

Adele 2018-1 bearbeitet ausgeschnitten.jpgAdele Waldmann is a Eurythmist and Eurythmy Therapist who lives in Switzerland. Adele translates our texts and is the English voice of Eurythmy4you's videos. She is very gifted in communicating with people and finding out what they need. You may book sessions with Adele in Switzerland and online.

Adele 2018-2 bearbeitet.jpgAdele comes from South Africa where she studied architecture and eurythmy. After emigrating to Europe she deepened her understanding of complementary therapeutic applications by working in the field of social therapy for many years.

Now she focuses her activities in the field of eurythmy. She teaches eurythmy in Kindergartens, in courses for adults, has a eurythmy therapy practice and is responsible for project development at eurythmy4you.  

Friedly Tobias 3.jpgTobias Friedly is our genius at the cutting board and a specialist in supporting Theodor creating the animations in the videos. He is also a fantastic film-maker and already well known among the young Swiss Filmmaker scene. Films and Trailers can be seen on YouTube.

Friedly-Tobias-2.jpgTobias was born in Tucson, Arizona US and grew up in Osnabrück, Germany. Becoming a filmmaker was his childhood dream. When his family moved to Bern, Switzerland in 2010 he started working on his first film projects.


In 2014 he and his new team filmed his first big film "Das Ende ist erst der Anfang" ("The end is only the beginning") which was finished in the following year and had many successful public screenings.


Tobias is also interested in drawing, writing, hiking and music composing. On his following film projects "Unser Selbst" ("Our Own") and "Die andere Freundin" ("The different girlfriend") he composed and recorded all of the film music himself. His movies were screened at numerous filmfestivals.


With his movie "Nioma" he won the pitching competition of the swiss "Jugendfilmtage" and presented the film as the opening film of the festival. This film also made it into the program of many other filmfestivals including the "shnit" in Bern.



Lory Widmer is a writer, editor, and eurythmist who is passionate about communication and the power of words. She has been involved in the publications program of the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America since 2006, as an editor, project manager, and book designer.

Before moving to Switzerland in 2019 Lory spent six years as a coworker at the Lukas Community in New Hampshire, a community centered around the care of adults with special needs. She blogs about books and life at The Emerald City Book Review and Entering the Enchanted Castle.Along with reading, Lory enjoys cooking, baking, hiking, music, and spending time with her family.


DSCF0492 (3).JPGPhilippe Lheureux, is collaborating on the French section of Eurythmy4you. He translates our video's, and cares to make the spiritual content of our courses visible and effective. He lives in Canada, in Quebec and Toronto, giving courses on Theory of Knowledge, and is busy with the question of social and economic reform.

Philippe grew up in Belgium on the farm of his parents where he introduced bio-dynamic gardening. He has had a business in designing, manufacturing and distributing Waldorf products in Canada and the US, both as a retailer and wholesaler, producing in Canada and China. He likes movies such as Dr Strange, and is concerned about the question of how to make spirituality tangible, by discovering how it lives in the world of today, and to make it useful for society development.

Monika Birkhofer 2011-06-26.JPGMonika Birkhofer cares for the administration of Eurythmy4you. Monika owes her love for agriculture, animals, nature and the French language to her grandparents and her uncle, on whose farm in the Jura she was able to spend wonderful times. With her two sons Jan and Marco, she likes to ski or support them on the sideline of the football field. Her hobbies are skiing, Tango Argentino and the ever deeper learning about the inner life of plants. And then, of course, everything related to bodywork and body awareness.

Together with Theodor, I conduct ski eurythmy seminars where you can experience eurythmy in the flow of movement.
Skieurythmie Monika R.jpg

For skiing we make an appointment on Facebook or write me directly.

Skieurythmie Monika Kurs 2015.jpg