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AnthroWiki - online encyclopedia

A neutral and factual encyclopedic presentation of the anthroposophical spiritual science developed by Rudolf Steiner and its practical application in various areas of life, as well as its relationship to other sciences, arts and spiritual traditions. Anyone who would like to actively contribute to AnthroWiki and  to create or edit articles can register there. Donations and help with translation are welcome.

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Eurythmy4you is member of the World Goetheanum Association, a network of partners, consisting of companies, institutions, initiatives and self-employed people. Its actions are based on the vision of a just world. It seeks, promotes and implements a new, comprehensive view of the human being.


Floris Books is an independent publishing company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Floris publish books in two main areas: non-fiction for adults, and books for children.
Floris Books cooperates with Eurythmy4you by promoting our activities on Facebook and on their website.


Koberwitz 1924 Inc. is engaged in the founding and advising of biodynamic permaculture farms in the Philippines.
They also show farmers  how to keep their farms running throughout the year. It supports Eurythmy4you by making our initiative known in Asian countries. Koberwitz 1924 Inc.