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How can you help build the future of Eurythmy4you?

Become an Investor

After several years of working out the basics for the Eurythmy4you concept, we are pleased to see the growing demand for our courses and offers. Nevertheless, our income is far from covering the costs incurred and does not allow for future development.

There is still a lot to be done! We are seeking to expand our evergreen course offerings to bring eurythmy to a larger worldwide community in order to have an ever-increasing impact on the health and well-being of humanity.We wish to provide more translations and build a sustainable, worldwide network where people can learn and meet online as well as locally. For this expansion and restructuring, we are dependent on additional financial inflows.

Contribute to the business development of Eurythmy4you.

To carry our momentum with us into the coming years and to further expand the professionalism of our work, we anticipate an additional financial need of 197,000 euros through sales, donations, or venture capital investments over the next four years.

In addition to purchasing our courses as an individual, there are three ways you can help build the future of Eurythmy4you.

Investor shares with a return of up to 500%

Beginning in 2023 we will issue a limited number of investor shares with a return of up to 500%. The number of shares per individual investor will vary based on the level of financial investment. Repayment will be made through profit sharing. The cumulative payout is a maximum of five times the amount of the share certificate.

Eurythmy4you forecasts the ability to significantly expand the reach and therefore the sales of our offerings, which then translates to the ability for investors to achieve a return on investments in the near future. Our goal is to be in the profit zone by 2026 and in a position of on-going positive net revenue from 2027 onward.

Become an investor in Eurythmy4you and contribute to the professionalization and business development of Eurythmy4you. Enable us to continue the work we have done so far, to realize increasing income, and to expand our creative freedom for the further development of Eurythmy4you. You will have a voice regarding the direction we take as we move forward.

Invest in Eurythmy4you and benefit as we grow. We look forward to continuing on this path together with you!

Download our Activity Report for more details:

Activity Report 2017 - 2022 and Beyond

Write an email: info@eurythmy4you.com