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Embark on Your Journey

Explore our courses designed to elevate your self-esteem and improve your quality of life, guiding you to unlock the wellsprings of your inner strength.

Activity-Based Stress Reduction (ABSR)

The ABSR stress management program is an eight-week course combining practical exercises to overcome various forms of anxiety with Eurythmy exercises. Numerous enthusiastic feedback and scientific evaluations by the University of Bern confirm the positive effectiveness of these courses.

You can find the self-study courses and seminars led by certified ABSR instructors on the ABSR International pages.

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High Sensitivity

High sensitivity is a topic that affects many of us without our awareness. Highly sensitive people function differently, and it is important to recognize that.

Our courses help you better navigate your daily life, understand yourself more deeply, and take your needs seriously. They provide a structured approach tailored to the different layers of your personality. Mental exercises, daily practices, and movement exercises complement each other perfectly.

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The Eightfold Path

With the exercises of the eightfold path, dormant abilities are developed, creating new possibilities for the mind, soul, and everyday consciousness. Life questions should be approached in a self-responsible manner, and responses and paths to current societal conditions should be found from one's own inner space.

By meditating, understanding, and living with the themes of the eightfold path, you work step by step on developing your mental and spiritual capacities.

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Trauma Therapy and Post-Traumatic Growth

Lectures, materials, and exercises from the Eurythmy4you Trauma Conference 2023. Experienced doctors and researchers present various approaches to trauma therapy. Practitioners share a wealth of proven exercises for post-traumatic growth.


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Counter Bullying

You have not only bones and muscles; you also have inner power systems. You can address, activate, and harmonize them. When they begin to work together, they will support, strengthen, and protect you from the inside out. Your course to counteract bullying situations and slowly, but surely, initiate positive change.


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Men with Heart

Each week, we explore a men's theme, face its challenges, and practice two minutes of Eurythmy every day. This can be done in any setting. When you do this, stress transforms into a challenge that you successfully overcome. Negative stress disappears from your life.

The course touches precisely the levels that allow us to recognize what we need and slowly, but surely, let it grow and mature within us.

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