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Mieke, May 26, 2020
I really enjoy the sessions, although I have been a eurythmist for many years.
It is wonderful to see someone else at work. Everyone has own ideas and I find that refreshing and stimulating. One never stops learning.

Patti, May 10, 2020
When the COVID-19 stay at home started here in New York, I found the Monday and Friday classes for immunity strengthening and resilience. I gained much from the exercises, the sense of world community and from Theodor's clear way of explaining through the video medium. The pace, clarity and insight of the exercises unfolded in a health-giving way over the weeks I attended the classes. I added the exercises to my own daily practice; and found I could deepen these exercises more than I had in previous experiences.
As a eurythmy teacher who has now had to teach through video myself, I appreciate how Theodor has understood the medium and uses its particular conditions in a positive way. In particular, the graphics added by his able tech support help in visualizing movement streams and deepening the work. The whole experience of the class - including the management of the chat option and the sharing of the video link afterwords - make staying connected to the eurythmy more possible. I recommend these offerings for trained eurythmists as well as those new to the world of eurythmy.

Gerd, May 8th 2019
Half a year ago, I had a cerebral haemorrhage (and resulting stroke) - I'm still in the rehabilitation phase - and then came the invitation do to the ABSR-evaluation course with the great videos. Although I have already done some eurythmy privately with some eurythmy therapists, and also in the context of study at the Goetheanum, but not with a focus on Eurythmy Therapy. The first few weeks already do me very well on several levels. I’ve connected to eurythmy again. The addition of exercises from „Nervous conditions in our time" is wonderfully harmonious.

Claar, December 28th 2018
It does me so good to practice a little every day. More than 20 years ago I completed my eurythmy studies and I’ve since worked in a Waldorf school. After a break of almost 10 years, I’ve started to recapture my body again. With the help of the videos the experiences are intense and I feel the healing and perceptive power. Such good work!

Simone, December 28th 2018
At this point I would like to thank you for providing these very high quality tutorial films. The learning films have helped me with my entry into Eurythmy so far. I have not met the extremely precise description and execution of exercises in this way before and I appreciate that very much! My favourite exercise & meditation is the "power of health" (course Eurythmic Meditations Eurythmic Meditations), also a very well done video.

22 ABSR Evaluation Course participants, April-June 2019

  1. It helps to decelerate, is built up well, is easily understandable and has many wonderful ideas.I love this course because it allows me to feel my body and to capture perceptions using the eurythmic movements.
  2. The everyday exercises are thought-provoking tasks that help me to make everyday life positive.
  3. It broadens my horizons, providing a lot of helpful exercises. It’s the first course I’ve done online ... and it was very good, I would repeat it anytime.
  4. It's worth it because the course surprises you. It has a well-founded form of spirituality which brings you into a very differentiated body consciousness through real, honest inquiry into your own being, using the aesthetic art of eurythmy. It provides a deep understanding of the vowels A, E, I, O, U, and how their essentials become alive and give healing through eurythmy. Powers of mind, such as thinking, feeling, and willing, are intensified. There are short lectures on completely essential interrelationships in life. The course provides easy-to-understand content for coping with stress which can be used immediately. The daily exercises increase awareness and perception. I think it's just as interesting for newcomers as it is for people with more background in self-development.
  5. For me, it's the best and most concrete guidance and exercise series I've ever used to get from a "head" to a "heart-listening" view of the world. It helped me experience my ego in the body and also in interaction with the "forces of the surroundings". In today's troubled and uncertain times, it is a great help for me to re-establish the already almost forgotten basic trust.
  6. The ABSR course is a real help to stay tuned to the practice process. Have often tried, on my own initiative, but never been able to get as far as with this course. The instructions are very helpful, particularly because they’re so specific. Often, it's the small details that matter, that help an exercise to be successful e.g. the procedure of making decisions from the heart as opposed to from the gut feeling. I find this method of practice a great help for organizing my own life.
  7. If you get involved in this course, you can only win. You don’t have to have any prior knowledge of eurythmy or Rudolf Steiner. If you stick with it - but without pressure, abilities steadily develop at various levels. I find it incred-ible and extremely rewarding.
  8. The course helped me to be more mindful within my body and environment.
  9. The course helped me to look at my behaviour, towards myself and others in daily life, and to change it.
  10. The course encouraged and challenged me to take time for the exercises and thus for myself. The careful, calm introduction to the exercises has served me well. It was usually a nourishing break combined with the awareness that, with some continuous action, much can be achieved for one's own well-being.
  11. Anyone seeking orientation for the essentials in our materialistic time and who wishes to strengthen their essential being as a safeguard in the vagaries of life, receives reliable guidance in this course.
  12. It is worthwhile to do the spiritual practice of eurythmy and the daily exercises to feel stress-free vitality and strength in the body again.
  13. Offering concrete exercises in two fields, this course gives me something that is easy to incorporate into eve-ryday life. Especially in this combination it helps one to gain increased attention, strength with inner peace and balance. That really surprised me a lot!
  14. The course greatly helps to build a habit of practice, which is difficult to do on your own without any support. It was amazing that my tiredness disappeared by doing the eurythmy exercises. Like snow in the sun! The intro-ductions by Dr. Harald Haas threw some light on the effectiveness of the exercises. I gained insight in the func-tioning of body and mind, and how the exercises can help to work on my main non-constructive patterns. The presentations of the daily exercise by Pascale Fischli made them attractive, realistic and possible to do. I am happy with the course and will certainly continue. The demos are great. I have discovered where there is more work to do.... I will continue, with a milder attitude to-wards myself.
  15. Practicing is fun because the change is quickly noticeable.
  16. Take time for yourself. You will be guided in many interesting ways, to feel your centre, expand, and strengthen yourself.
  17. I again dare to calm down, the pressure to survive loses its compulsion. Long past and seemingly unreachable fright, fear, and shock have lost their power.
  18. It's not worth doing ABSR exercises right now, they have not shown any effect on stress. I can imagine, however, when working consequently with "mindfulness" in dealing with inner experiences, that the strengthening effect of self-perception and the effects of the eurythmy therapy could establish themselves. We cannot tell the cli-ents what they are to feel, we can only lead them to experiences. To simply hear the course and so comprehend it from the two-dimensional view, without thinking too hard about what to imitate, would be a first step in a health-giving direction.
  19. This online course is a great gift for me to familiarize my-self, through the eurythmic exercises, with the profound meaning and expressive possibilities of movement and sound. It extends my ability to understand and creates the space to rebalance my body. The everyday exercise invites you to step out of the familiar and find yourself in a more complete and authentic way. I find the instruction, for both the eurythmy as well as the everyday exercises, well conducted and inviting. I hope that many people may benefit and thus better maintain and strengthen their inner and outer spaces. Thank you very much for your wonderful commitment.
  20. The ABSR course is an ingenious exercise sequence for anyone who wants to do something effective in terms of self-education or self-care.
  21. The daily practice brings success. The visual and auditory guidance ensures that I can do the exercises properly and calmly. With PC or mobile phone, I can practice it any-where, saving me time to harmonize in the evening.
  22. For me, this course is a real cure. It gave me strength and inner serenity. Through this I could finally free myself from habits that I had wanted to do away with, without success, for years.