Eurythmy: Deep Impact for Your Health

Your health is a precious commodity and should be well-cared for. We need health to enjoy life and to be successful. But it is by no means a given. Almost everything we do is based on the fact that we expend energy and have to regenerate in some way. We are constantly expending vitality.

It's the same with health as it is with a house that is lived in: it wears out, some things break. But we maintain it and repair what needs to be repaired. The house is alive, develops atmosphere, and provides living space where we feel at home and comfortable.

But an unused house will deteriorate! Moisture enters more quickly than you think, the garden becomes overgrown, and the roof gives way. So let's occupy our house, take care of it, and enjoy it! Then we are the force that keeps it healthy.

One way to do this is through the gentle and rhythmically flowing movements of Eurythmy and Healing Eurythmy, which harmonize the body, soul, and mind, relieve tensions and blockages in the body, and regulate the internal balance between the organs. Its regular practice promotes deep relaxation, a feeling of peace and well-being, of finally breathing again and arriving at oneself.

Try it out! Make Eurythmy a permanent part of your health practice and experience the positive impact on your health.

Current courses


Trauma Conference 2023

Trauma therapy and post-traumatic growth.

Experienced clinicians and researchers demonstrate different approaches to trauma therapy. People from the field present a wealth of proven exercises for post-traumatic growth.

Space and Freedom

Living with Cancer

A comprehensive therapy for living with cancer takes into account the physical side of the disease, the psychological side and the spiritual level with its questions about meaning, about where from and where to.

With the eurythmy therapy exercises you embark on a path. If you join the self-help group cancer, you can post contributions or questions in the group forum.

Health in Action Courses

These four courses are the foundation of our Health offerings. They are available as a four course Health in Action Package for a discount here.

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Spin the Wheel

Find the exercise that helps you now - for this moment, for this day. The exercises are short (2 - 3 minutes) and can be done anywhere. Right away you will feel how supportive they are for your health and well-being.


First Aid Kit

You can’t remember a specific exercise of your last Turn the Wheel experience? You want to assemble a set of exercises for your friend? Don’t worry, in our first aid kit you’ll find the exercises in a second.


Ten Minutes a Day

This course offers you a lovingly-designed flow through the vowel exercises. Every day you will receive the vowel exercise suggestion that corresponds to the day of the week. Each exercise sequence lasts 12 to 15 minutes. The exercises start out easy and naturally deepen from week to week.

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Vowels in Action

Would you like to focus on each vowel individually? With our this course you will have access to 10, 20, or 30 minute practice sessions organized by vowel. These sessions will incrementally expand your experience with each vowel. The exercises are simple and you can do them alone or with friends.

Becoming Healthy Courses

These eight health courses focus on different aspects of health - resilience, vitality, relaxation, corona support, balance, and much more. Courses marked with * are packages with three multi-week cycles and exercise tips by email.


Resilience and Strength *

The health of one's immune system is reflected in the vitality of our rhythmic system. An elastic rhythmic system can withstand external and foreign pressures. There are five specific eurythmy exercises that make the rhythmic system more resilient, and the immune system more resistant. They will strengthen your breathing and circulation, and make you more robust to external attacks. When you purchase this course, you will receive the Corona Recovery Support and the Corona vaccination Partner Courses in addition.

Relaxation for the Nerves *

The autonomic nervous system creates the internal communication system. When it works well, mind and body resonate with each other. This has an effect on the entire nervous system, relaxing it and making it permanently strong and healthy. You can also achieve this effect with the eurythmy exercises in this course.

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At Home in the Body - Create Inner Balance *

With the course you get a collection of movement exercises that help to support your inner and outer balance. They form a good basis for your health and will help you to feel comfortable and at home in your body. The exercises are easy and you will learn many variations. 

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Health for the Heart

The regeneration and strengthening of the heart always takes place from the circulation, from the rhythm, from the play of polarities. In this course you will learn exercises that will help you to support your heart in its diverse tasks and to give it the relief it needs to bloom, shine, and give.


Confidence and Protection - Foster Immunity from Within

Experience the body musically and get to know the consonants as a source of resilience and self-assertion. The exercises build on one another, repeat themselves, and slowly develop from lesson to lesson.

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Become Younger - Turn Your Inner Light On

Feeling youthful is a function of accessing your vitality. In this course you will learn exercises which counter-balance hardening and rigidity which can settling into your limbs, organs, or even into your thoughts. You will experience increase inner flow and levity, connecting all of your bodily systems in a more fluid and beneficial way.

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Corona Recovery Support

In the Corona Recovery Support course you will do the five Resilience and Strength Course exercises in a special order to support you to move through Corona with a stronger constitution and even experiencing benefits from it in the long run. 

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Mandatory Vaccination Partner

In all countries, people are strongly advised to get vaccinated against Corona and also to do the follow-up vaccinations. For those who do not want to be vaccinated for various reasons, it can be an even more difficult decision due to the mental and personal integrity impacts to one’s personal identity. However, is possible to prepare for these impacts by using the exercises in this course to minimize any potential negative impacts. 

 Private Online Consultation

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Meet Individually with Theodor

During your online consultation with Theodor, he will help you develop a private practice to support your individual health or therapeutic needs. You can also receive individual support for your on-going eurythmy practice, as needed.

How to Measure Your Progress with HRV Measurement

Joy and self-awareness are key factors in measuring your progress. Eurythmy activates your inner voice, enhances your self-perception, and brings a feeling of playful joy to your body. When you notice these positive changes, you can be sure that you are on the right track. However, it's important to listen to both your heart and head, as your head may resist accepting these feelings of well-being.

Trust yourself and your feelings!

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Measurement -
A Scientific Approach

For a more scientific approach to measuring your progress, you can turn to HRV measurement. Heart rate variability (HRV) is a measure of your body's general adaptability and resilience. HRV reflects the heart's ability to adjust the time interval between heartbeats and adapt to life's changing challenges. The autonomic nervous system controls HRV by regulating the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

Our health courses are designed to improve HRV and help you achieve better health.

We believe that you will notice an improvement in your heart rate variability after just a few weeks of training. To measure HRV, you will need a device that records your heart rate and its variability before, during, and after your exercises. The more diverse your HRV, the better your health status will be. Monitor Your Individual Progress with HRV Measurement.

Would you like to track your individual progress with the course?

HRV measurement provides a scientific way to monitor your progress and see how your body is adapting to life's challenges.

Get the HRV4Training App for Android or Apple smartphones for just 11 Euros. Simply place your finger on the camera lens for one minute and breathe quietly each morning to measure your HRV. After a few days, the app will show you how your HRV is developing, allowing you to track your individual progress.