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Unlock the Depths of Well-being

Think of your body as a living home - constantly in use, sometimes in need of repair, but full of life and atmosphere.

Be the architect of your health! Discover the fascinating world of eurythmy therapy, where harmonious movements unite body, soul and spirit.

Feel the relaxation, quiet and well-being as you care for yourself in this living house!

Discover that you yourself are the force that keeps you healthy.

The Happy Heart Series

Exercise sets for every day to keep you fit and elastic.

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Spin the Wheel

Let fortune decide and find your personal exercise for this day or for a specific moment. You will be amazed and happy when you realize how subtle the exercises are and how good they are for you. Would you like to receive your free daily Spin the Wheel exercise by e-mail? Great - simply add yourself to the list!


First Aid Kit

Choose from more than 100 exercises and seven topics. Each video addresses and strengthens a different level within you. Choose the topic and let your feelings decide which of the exercises relates to you. This is how you get to know, strengthen and use your body intelligence as a resource for self-help.


Ten Minutes a Day

You will receive an exercise sequence lasting 10 to 15 minutes by email every day. The exercise sequences have a relationship to the days of the week, which we can connect with qualities of the planets. If you practice them on the corresponding days, you support your inner connection to these forces.

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Vowels in Action

Choose from 42 sequences lasting 10 to 45 minutes and deepen it the way you want. More health is almost impossible!

Becoming Healthy 1

Exercise cycles lasting several weeks and exercise tips via email.

Space and Freedom

Living with Cancer

A comprehensive therapy for living with cancer takes into account the physical side of the disease, the psychological side and the spiritual level with its questions about meaning, about where from and where to.

With the eurythmy therapy exercises you embark on a path. If you join the self-help group cancer, you can post contributions or questions in the group forum.

Are you interested in a guided walkthrough over 6 or 12 weeks for 120 / 175 euros? Register and we will let you know as soon as there are enough interested parties: Click here


Resilience and Strength

Five central eurythmy therapy exercises that make the rhythmic system more resistant, strengthen breathing and circulation and thus make us more resistant to external attacks. If you practise them over a longer period of time, you will increase your immune defence and your ability to recover better from the consequences of an infection.

Are you interested in a guided walkthrough over 6 or 12 weeks for 120 / 175 euros? Register and we will let you know as soon as there are enough interested parties: Click here


Relaxation for the Nerves

Exercises for the autonomic nervous system

In this course you will learn a range of movement exercises that will help you relieve the strain on your autonomic nervous system, which is responsible for your well-being and the health of your organs, and support it in its diverse tasks.

Are you interested in a guided walkthrough over 5 or 11 weeks for 120 / 175 euros? Register and we will let you know as soon as there are enough interested parties: Click here

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At Home in the Body - Create Inner Balance

The lower senses and your inner balance

What is the foundation that supports you and keeps everything in balance? What helps you maintain your inner balance? The lower senses form the basis for your inner balance and make the body your home. You will see: this will give you security, self-doubt and even constraints will decrease.

Are you interested in a guided walkthrough over 6 or 12 weeks for 120 / 175 euros? Register and we will let you know as soon as there are enough interested parties: Click here

Becoming Healthy 2

Exercise cycles on important health topics. To participate at your own pace.

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Health for the Heart

Six hours of exercises for inner warming, strengthening the heart and rhythmising breathing.


Confidence and Protection - Foster Immunity from Within

Better manage allergies, skin problems and excessive sensitivities. Even anxiety tendencies can improve.

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Become Younger - Turn Your Inner Light On

Let your inner light shine

Feeling youthful is a function of accessing your vitality. In this class, you'll learn exercises that balance out tightness and stiffness that can become lodged in your limbs, organs, or even your thoughts. You will experience your inner flow and inner lightness increasing and all body systems becoming connected in a more supple and beneficial way.

Corona Special

Getting back on your feet again.

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Corona Recovery Support

In this course you will perform the five resilience and strength exercises in a special order to get out of Corona better and even benefit from it in the long term. It's best to start when your fever has subsided and you no longer have any severe symptoms. When performing the exercises, it is important that you remain attentive to whether the exercises are good for you and then move on to the next ones.

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Mandatory Vaccination Partner

In all countries, people are strongly advised to get vaccinated against coronavirus and also to have the follow-up vaccinations. It is well known that the vaccination puts a strain on the body. It is sensible and possible to prepare for it. The suggestions in this course are intended for this purpose.

Embracing the journey of aging

Maintain vitality and mental strength well into old age.

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The art of a long life

A long and fulfilling life is probably the wish of every person. In our times, life expectancy is increasing year after year. This is understandably linked to the need to maintain vitality and mental strength into old age.

Private Online Consultation

Experienced eurythmy therapy therapists will help you set up your private series of exercises for your individual health or therapy needs. If you wish, you can also receive individual support for your current eurythmy practice.

More therapists will be joining soon.

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Meet Individually with Theodor

Theodor has a eurythmy therapy practice in Bern (Switzerland), is the author of several books on eurythmy and eurythmy therapy and founder of Eurythmy4you. He has worked for many years as a eurythmy therapist with doctors at the Institute for Complementary and Integrative Medicine IKIM at the University of Bern and regularly conducts research projects with the institute on the effects of eurythmy therapy. He developed the exercises for Eurythmy4you and is happy to share his wide-ranging therapeutic experience with you personally.

More about Theodor

Let's meet!