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Dawn Langman

Friday, February 18, 2022
11 p.m. CET (Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna)
9 a.m. AEDT
(Sydney, Queensland, Tasmania ... )
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Why we should pay attention to the the zodiac in acting and eurythmy.

Langman Dawn - Cover - A dramatic journey through the evolution of human conscoiusness

Dawn Langman explores the fundamentals of Chekhov’s psycho-physical technique and the metaphysical principles on which it is based. She examines this technique in relation to the specific challenges and gifts provided by the actor’s constitution of body, soul and spirit, and in the context of the humanity’s evolving consciousness.

Dawn undertook a mainstream speech and acting training in Australia and a training in Speech Formation, a method developed by Rudolf and Marie Steiner which she taught for ten years at Emerson College in Sussex. Following this, Dawn trained in Michael Chekhov's acting technique in New York. Returning to Australia, she continued to research the integration of Speech Formation with Chekhov's technique. She currently teaches this methodology at the Drama Centre, Flinders University, South Australia.


  • Word Made Flesh: The Actor of the Future, Vol. 2, 2020
  • Tongues of Flame: The Actor of the Future, Vol. 1, 2019
  • The Art of Speech: Body - Soul - Spirit - Word, 2014
  • The Art of Acting: Body - Soul - Spirit - Word, 2014
  • A Dramatic Journey through the Evolution of Human Consciousness

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Langman Dawn - The Word Made Flesh

Christine J. van Draanen

Friday, May 6, 2022
8 p.m. CET
(Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna)
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Eurythmie with Animals
"Bodhi likes the meetings. He is always happy to see me and immediately goes to his pillow and starts yawning...."

Christine is a eurythmy therapist and has been practicing therapeutic eurythmy with horses, cows, dogs, elephants and many other animals since 2011. She received suggestions from Verena Staël von Holstein while working on a farm with horses and other animals.

van Draanen Book Cover Oktober 2020

You can get her book Therapeutic Eurythmy for Animals in English, German and Italian from Christine directly.

Learn more about Christine and her work for animals

50% of your donations during the livestream go to the Rozenhart Foundtation. It supports the further development of eurythmy based on suggestions that Verena Staël von Holstein conveys from her communication with spiritual forces. With the other 50% you support the development of Eurythmy4you. Watch out: donations become a pleasure here!

Direct link to the live stream
(not yet active)

van Draanen Christine


Harald Xander
Qi Gong and the experience of inner movements

Livestream from November 19, 2021 with Harald Xander and Theodor Hundhammer. You can find the German interview here.

Harald is a prophet of freedom and trust in one's own perceptual abilities. It conveys experiences that are otherwise often overlaid with mystical concepts and opens up a field of experience for the inner senses.

Xander Harald Asana Yoga Lehrer

Harald shows us exciting practical exercises.

How do we come to experience the well-being and the energetic dimension of the body-soul polarity? How can these also be brought into connection with the cosmic forces in which we are all integrated? Right down to what holds the world together at its core ...

How does this live in Chi Gong, in eurythmy, and how in intendons®, the method developed by Harald to open up your access to your inner movement.

Harald is a craftsman, actor, Taoist abdominal masseur and qigong teacher. His positive thinking, honest speaking, feeling heart and healthy self-worth are just wonderful.

Theodor Hundhammer
The Noble Eightfold Path - A Marvel of Mankind


Theodor 18.7.2020 Pfad DE - Schnitt1Livestream on September 26, 2021

The mutual benefit of Buddhism, Anthroposophy and Eurythmy.

- What is the eightfold path about?
- Why do we go through it on 8 levels?
- What does Buddhism, what does anthroposophy bring to this?
- What does eurythmy contribute to this?
- Why are consonants added to the vowels?
- How do we keep the fun while practicing?

You can find the individual course with videos and the handout for free download as well as information on the group course here:

Eightfold path

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