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November 25, 2022
Andrew Linnell
The Future of Mankind - Technology and Eurythmy

Andrew Linnell is president of the Boston branch and co-founder of MysTech, an organization devoted to the moral melding of man and machine. He is a veteran of the computer industry and a long-time member of the School for Spiritual Science and the Natural Science section. A whole series of lectures and videos by Andrew on topics related to people and technology can be found on this MysTech page.

In the interview Andrew and Theodor explore the following questions:

  • In 5000 years without a physical body?
  • How can we prepare for this and what helps us to do so?
  • Technology, Morality and Love?
  • Anthroposophy, Christianity, Refined breathing.
  • Beyond Mindfulness.
  • What can we look forward to?

Watch also this video from Andrew about the future of mankind!

Learn more about MysTech

May 6, 2022
Christine J. van Draanen
Eurythmy with Animals

Christine is a eurythmy therapist and has been practicing therapeutic eurythmy with horses, cows, dogs, elephants and many other animals since 2011. In the interview Christine shares her experiences in seminars, hoping that eurythmists all over the world will choose to learn, further and support this work with animals.

Full length video: Eurythmy with Horses in the Rain

If you enjoyed the conversation, consider making a donation for the translations of the book into Chinese and Japanese:

IBAN NL11 TRIO 0784 8679 68
C.J. van Draanen

Book order and information on the certified training:  christinevandraanen@gmail.com

van Draanen Book Cover Oktober 2020

A Children's Workshop with an Amazing Outcome

Saturday afternoon, when I arrive the children are just finishing their morning lessons with the horses: riding and voltige.These children are accustomed to looking and observing animals. They all ride without saddle and have been taught to observe very carefully what is happening with the horse during the lessons.... I do a session with Witsita, a brown horse, and one with Siep a huge 'Fries' (Black beauty) horse. The children noticed every phase he went through and are able to describe it precisely....

Van Draanen Childrens Workshop

Now the chickens, geese and turkeys are on. They are carefully placed on their lap while we are sitting in a circle. First I demonstrate the sequence. Next they do it together with me with one arm, and the moment they feel their bird is settling down they can try to move the sounds with two arms... During the final turn around I watch the children and the animals. The goat bock lay down, three of the horses did too. The geese as well. When the last sound is done there is such a quietness. One wishes at such a moment that it could stay like that forever. No one speaks or moves. After a while two fathers who come to pick up their children enter the place at the back, standing there not knowing how to make their next move. Later they said it was as if they had entered the Ark of Noach ...

Therapeutic Eurythmy for Animals - What Does a Doctor Say?

Animals are living beings with similarities and differences that present us with a continuous fount of Wisdom, Emotions and Beauty.

Let us keep in mind what Rudolf Steiner tells us: that animals, with their call to Heaven, send a signal to their Group Soul that there is still someone here on earth who listens to their messages.

When we become aware of this, we can begin to establish a Foundation Stone for a new relationship between humans and animals. Anthroposophy offers very little thusfar in the way of research or reporting in this field; little is offered about the deepening of the relationship between the animals’ Group Souls and the Elemental Beings, for instance.

This is why some pioneers begin their research into the silence of animals, who lack the possibility to express themselves with sounds that we can make sense of. They cannot make themselves understood by us in our language....

How is it that the Heavens listen to these animals? Not one song, not one sound is overlooked, ignored or forgotten by the cosmos!

What are the Heavens listening to that we humans cannot take in? How does one receive the messages from animals that cannot reach us in our language?

Through the language of gesture!

Of course, through the language of gesture!

Christine van Draanen has pioneered and researched this work for many years and is now offering the results of her work in this extraordinary book to professionals and colleagues who work with animals. You can get her book Therapeutic Eurythmy for Animals in English, German and Italian from Christine directly.

Sabrina Menestrina, Dr. Med. Vet., International Coordination of Anthroposophical Veterinary Medicine

Dawn Langman
Why we should pay attention to the the zodiac in acting and eurythmys

Livestream from February 18, 2022 with Dawn Langman and Theodor Hundhammer. 

Dawn Langman explores the fundamentals of Chekhov’s psycho-physical technique and the metaphysical principles on which it is based. She examines this technique in relation to the specific challenges and gifts provided by the actor’s constitution of body, soul and spirit, and in the context of the humanity’s evolving consciousness.

Dawn undertook a mainstream speech and acting training in Australia and a training in Speech Formation, a method developed by Rudolf and Marie Steiner which she taught for ten years at Emerson College in Sussex. Following this, Dawn trained in Michael Chekhov's acting technique in New York. Returning to Australia, she continued to research the integration of Speech Formation with Chekhov's technique and taught this methodology at the Drama Centre, Flinders University, South Australia.

The website of the Heartfire Centre for Speach & Drama where Dawns teachings are brought to live in a four year training, in courses for teachers and for personal development can be found here:

Online courses on Eurythmy can be found on our Eurythmy school page.

Dawn's Books:
Between Earth and Heaven: The Actor of the Future, Vol. 3, 2022
Word Made Flesh: The Actor of the Future, Vol. 2, 2020
Tongues of Flame: The Actor of the Future, Vol. 1, 2019
The Art of Speech: Body - Soul - Spirit - Word, 2014
The Art of Acting: Body - Soul - Spirit - Word, 2014

DVD Set:
A Dramatic Journey through the Evolution of Human Consciousness

Langman Dawn figure 146 Composite-s-Scorpio

James Dyson
The path of inner schooling and the seven life processes

Livestream from January 14, 2022 with James Dyson and Theodor Hundhammer. 

In the Interview, Theodor and James discuss the importance of the seven life processes for our inner and outer well being.

Dr. James Dyson, an expert in developmental psychology and adult mental health is a regular contributor to anthroposophic therapeutic trainings in the UK, USA, and Australia. A  prolific lecturer of Rudolf Steiner’s body of work in the field of healing, he has also added psychosynthesis to his training. 

James has worked as an anthroposophical physician for over 35 years, developing a special interest in the fields of mental health and child development. With Dr Michael Evans, he was a co-founder of Park Attwood Clinic in 1979. He practised at this anthroposophical residential and out-patient facility until 2003. A school doctor in several Steiner-Waldorf Schools in the UK for over 20 years James has also been a medical advisor in the field of learning disabilities for the Camphill Village Trust and Garvald Centre (Edinburgh).

Watch also this video: Dr James Dyson interviewed for the film 'The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner'.


Harald Xander
Qi Gong and the experience of inner movements

Livestream from November 19, 2021 with Harald Xander and Theodor Hundhammer. You can find the German interview here.

Harald is a prophet of freedom and trust in one's own perceptual abilities. It conveys experiences that are otherwise often overlaid with mystical concepts and opens up a field of experience for the inner senses.

Xander Harald Asana Yoga Lehrer

Harald shows us exciting practical exercises.

How do we come to experience the well-being and the energetic dimension of the body-soul polarity? How can these also be brought into connection with the cosmic forces in which we are all integrated? Right down to what holds the world together at its core ...

How does this live in Chi Gong, in eurythmy, and how in intendons®, the method developed by Harald to open up your access to your inner movement.

Harald is a craftsman, actor, Taoist abdominal masseur and qigong teacher. His positive thinking, honest speaking, feeling heart and healthy self-worth are just wonderful.

Theodor Hundhammer
The Noble Eightfold Path - A Marvel of Mankind


Theodor 18.7.2020 Pfad DE - Schnitt1Livestream on September 26, 2021

The mutual benefit of Buddhism, Anthroposophy and Eurythmy.

- What is the eightfold path about?
- Why do we go through it on 8 levels?
- What does Buddhism, what does anthroposophy bring to this?
- What does eurythmy contribute to this?
- Why are consonants added to the vowels?
- How do we keep the fun while practicing?

You can find the individual course with videos and the handout for free download as well as information on the group course here:

Eightfold path

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