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Widen your horizons through attentive work with your body. Our online courses allow you to experience the art of eurythmy as an opportunity to connect with your inner resources and so develop strength and security in mind and body.

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January 23 to March 20, 2022, Sundays at 7 p.m.
Guided ABSR group course
Stress reduction on the basis of the seven life processes. Life gets easier!

ABSR. 8 cubes. 2 columns. Caroline

Develop and run ABSR group courses
Certificate course from January to June 2022

Theodor 18.7.2020 Pfad DE - Schnitt1

February 18, 2022
Dawn Langman
Why we should pay attention to the the zodiac in acting and eurythmy

Langman Dawn - Cover - A dramatic journey through the evolution of human conscoiusness

May 6, 2022
Christine J. van Draanen
Eurythmie with Animals

van Draanen Christine

House of Health - Your e4u Fitness Program


New guided group course January to March 2022

Courses to strengthen and develop your personality

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My colleague has Corona - are there eurythmy therapy exercises for it?

In November, I was asked: Dear Theodor, is there actually a special recommendation for eurythmy exercises for Corona? Unfortunately, a colleague has caught it, but fortunately she's been doing pretty well so far. (*)

This was my answer:

Dear ....

Yes, it already exists. In the course package "Resilience and Strength" she will find five eurythmy therapy exercises. These are actually intended to prevent and strengthen the rhythmic system. On the one hand, they are intended to reduce the ris…

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Misteln Schuerch PS 500x594 HSP1-0 Preview

Way beyond „Stop acting up like that!“

Use high sensitivity as a resource

What might just be a bit annoying to others is often unbearable for the highly sensitive: Noise, hectic light or even interpersonal tensions are so stressful for them that their quality of life suffers greatly. A pronounced sensitivity as a source of deep and true experiences can your enrich life - if you learn to deal with it better.

From now on, here in the blog, we will regularly have exciting articles which report about everything that high sensitivity ca…

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What should our ABSR courses be called in the future?

Wouldn't it have made more sense to find a "very own" name?

That question was asked in a Facebook post today:

„A question about the name of the course: The MBSR, the "Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction" method, has been around for over 20 years, which very successfully conveys elements of mindfulness / meditation. Wouldn't it have made more sense to find a "very own" name? Otherwise it gives the impression that you want to jump on a successful / well-known bandwagon.“

This is our answer - if…

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