Eurythmy4you Zodiac Weeks
The Zodiac in Eurythmy
and its Practical Application

6 Weeks in October/November 2024
6 Weeks in February/March 2025

Preliminary Course with Four Meetings in June 2024
Study and Discussion of Relevant Texts

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Eurythmy and Group Work on Sundays
Other Topics During the Week.
All Elements Available for Individual Booking.

 Individual Lectures
By Experienced Lecturers

Zodiac and Dental Formation
Dr. med. Claus Haupt

Dynamic Zodiac Drawing
Drawing, Discussing, Self-Recognition

The Eurythmic Zodiac Gestures
At Home in My Physical Body

Zodiac Gestures and Mental Illnesses
Learning to Balance Imbalances

The Eurythmic Planetary Gestures
The Health of My Organs

Zodiac Gestures, Planetary Gestures, and Sounds
Connections and Transitions. What is Essential? 

Homework, Workgroups, Demonstrations


Costs, Hour Credits

Total Package Euro 500, Discounts Available

Attendance in the Eurythmy Certificate Course ECC 2025-2027 will have hours credited.


Further Information

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