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Health and eurythmy

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Eurythmy4you Eurythmy School
The consonants L M N P Q R
In autumn 2021, Fridays at 7 p.m. CET
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Tierkreis-Laute 061012-enWe teach the following topics in these three webinars:

  • The six consonants L - M - N - P - Q - R
  • The connections with their mirror consonants F - T - B - N - H - S
  • Their derivation from the zodiac forces of Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, Taurus.
  • Their specific arrangement as an invigorating sequence: LMNPQR

The eurythmy school is free!

If you register here, we will send you the links to the webinars two hours before the start and from time to time our popular Eurythmy4you newsletter.

You may also take part in the German and Russian webinars at 5 p.m. CET. You can find the links on the German and Russian pages.


You do not need any prior knowledge of eurythmy. Everything is shown and explained in detail. We work for about an hour with breaks in between. All you need is some space in front of the screen where you can move and where you are as private and undisturbed as possible. The exercises are simple and, if you are weak, you can even do them while sitting or lying down or in your imagination.

What you need to benefit from the online eurythmy lesson as much as possible:

  • An undisturbed environment. No people to watch you or to take care of.
  • Clothes that don't cramp you.
  • About two x two meters of space to take part in the exercises.
  • Gymnastic slippers, eurythmy shoes or socks for good contact with the floor. Barefoot is also possible, but make sure that your feet are warm.
  • A chair where you can sit and listen to the resonance of the exercise.
  • A glass of water so that you may drink something in between.
  • A keyboard so you can ask questions.
  • A PC is more suitable than an iPad or smartphone.