Haas Harald

Dr. med. Harald Haas is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist in Bern who lectures on anthroposophic psychiatry and psychotherapy and is an author.

He studied medicine and wrote his dissertation in Heidelberg and spent 6 years working  in several anthroposophical clinics in the field of internal medicine, general medicine and psychiatry in Germany and Switzerland. After completing a specialist training in psychiatry and psychotherapy in Bern he was senior and head physician of the Gerontopsychiatric Department of the University Psychiatric Services in Bern.

Further he trained with Carole Gammer, Ph.D. in Paris, is a founding member of the Swiss section of the International Society for Logotherapy and Existential Analysis and holds a Certificate of proficiency in anthroposophically extended medicine from the Association of Anthroposophically Oriented Physicians in Switzerland (VAOAS) and in anthroposophical psychotherapy from the German Society for Anthroposophical Psychotherapy (DtGAP).

He is a lecturer in the training and further education of physicians, psychotherapists and art therapists.

Harald Haas is author of:

The handouts of his mindfulness courses for the development of the thinking of the heart can be downloaded free of charge at: www.achtsamwerden.ch

Hundhammer Theodor

Theodor Hundhammer is the founder of the online platform Eurythmy4you. There he develops courses on stress management, high sensitivity and current disease topics such as cancer. He produces the videos, is responsible for the content and trains employees who teach the course content worldwide.

Theodor grew up in Bavaria near Munich. Even as a schoolboy he was an avid glider pilot and studied aviation at the TU Braunschweig. There he built experimental gliders and graduated in the fields of gear mechanics and factory operations. In between he worked in curative education, geriatric care and trained as a kindergarten teacher. After completing his studies, he was employed as a plant engineer at WALA-Heilmittel GmbH, during which time he dealt with the spiritual significance of technology for humans.

TheodorEthiopia 2007 119 Theodor.jpg studied Eurythmy in Holland and America and Eurythmy Therapy in Pforzheim, Germany. He then founded his practice in Bern and Biel in Switzerland. In addition to his therapeutic work, he worked  at FAIRMED until 2011 as a project administrator for health projects in Africa and Asia. From 2011 to 2020 Theodor was board member and president of the Eurythmy Therapy Professional Association Switzerland.

Eurythmie auf Skiern CoverTheodor is author of four books (in German):

Faltin_Myrtha_2 800x800

Myrtha Faltin is a board member and founding member of stART international e.V. emergency aid for children. Since 2006, she has carried out 17 missions in crisis and war zones:

With our international teams of educators, therapists and artists we for example go to refugee camps, kindergartens, schools, orphanages, and work there to stabilize and strengthen resilience with children and young people. On the basis of trauma-therapeutic principles, we use artistic means: we do not bring aid or materials, but joy, attention, security and of course games, ideas and creativity. This is difficult for some to comprehend at first. However, the subsequent changes in the children in terms of empowerment are lasting and convincing for everyone.

Parallel to the direct work with the children, we start training local staff, professionals, parents and other adults. In this way we share our know-how in dealing with the child affected by suffering and promote cooperation in international-local teams as well as intercultural and interdisciplinary exchange.

At home in her eurythmy therapy practice in Gröbenzell DE, Myrtha treats developmental disorders in preschool children, helps prevent and treat learning disorders, organ weaknesses, depression, stress and exhaustion, and also offers eurythmy massage. As a trained childbirth educator, she led childbirth classes for couples for years, she counsels young mothers and fathers, and does childbirth coaching and baby massage.

On the YouTube channel of stArt international you can find lots of videos with instructions, games and exercises for use in emergency care.

Kutney Judith 800x800 resized

Judith Kutney is an experienced Waldorf Educator, Educational Support Provider, Consultant & Advocate. She holds a Certification in Waldorf Education with a Master's Degree in Education from Antioch New England. She is a trained Eurythmist and Certified in Extra Lesson for students with Learning Differences. She has a passion for empowering families to build relationships which make a difference.

Judith is currently working on a book:

Revitalizing The Compassionate Heart
Forging a new imagination for healing moral distress.

Traumatic experience can create unexplained psychological and physical symptoms. It often disrupts wholesome developmental coherence, triggering sensations and ideations of a nature which are both confusing and frightening.

Initially, one may block sensations from a Traumatic experience or one may feel too much all at once. Nevertheless, either response creates a shock to the nervous system.

Processing and reflecting on Traumatic events can become an experience that no longer defines one's life but can rather enhance appreciation for developmental progress and the capacity to learn, to grow, to change and to contribute to an evolving community life. Becoming a trauma-informed global citizen arises as a capacity to help in times of need: a genuine gift of attuned conscience.

Powell Valentin 2022

Valentin Powell is the director of a new training for eurythmy therapy according to Gerhard Weber in Überlingen, Germany.

On his website Valentin writes: "During my acting training in Berlin it became clear to me how much our outer posture and how we gesture as a human being expresses our character and will. As soon as I changed a little something in my outward expression in the play, I could immediately experience how a new feeling set in. The insight into the interplay of will, gesture and feeling awakened my interest in the language of form in the world around us. I began to feel that all things express a will through their form and thus also convey a certain feeling of life.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of the language of form, I decided to study eurythmy. Here one goes one step further: from form to movement. One approaches the creative forces which are behind the appearance of all living things and which also live in live speech and live music.

My artistic years, which I completed in The Hague, gave me a lot of enthusiasm and pleasure. Besides the artistic work, I was further interested in learning how our movements and gestures affect our well-being and our will. In addition, my interest in a living astrology based on observation of the stars and a scientific foundation (sidereal astrology) became more and more alive. This also led me to attend courses offered by Robert Powell's International School of Choreocosm in various countries since 2007. By including the stars, eurythmy made more and more sense to me. 

The new training starts on January 21, 2023 with 10 weekends a year.

Verena Hetzmannseder

Verena Hetzmannseder aha-effectsVerena Hetzmannseder accompanies with heart and soul people on the journey to themselves. She walks and shows ways to self-development and self-development. To your own power.

The heart of her work is the perception in the body. Sensing. Experiencing. Being fully present. Totally alive. Now. Because, trauma stops exactly that. She differentiates the resonance in the body to thoughts, feelings and currents and how they are experienced physically.

Through gentle impulses and a mindful choice of words, Verena's way of working picks up everyone where they are. Carefully she guides how everyone can build bridges to themselves in small steps. Finding security and orientation in the body and in oneself, so that the nervous system can come into self-regulation. For then the experience of eurythmy becomes fruitful, healing and gratifying with each practice.

Verena's way of working grew out of her own experience of dealing with trauma, panic attacks and anxiety. Her decades-long path led her into the practice of mindful bodywork such as: Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yin Yoga, Spiral Dynamics, TRE, Sophrology, and more. She continues to educate herself around trauma and somatic experience.

In 2019, she finally discovered the path to eurythmy through Theodor's approach. Since 2022 and as a certified ABSR course leader, she accompanies ABSR courses with great fulfillment and together with Karin Wiemers.

Today Verena sees trauma as a guide to her own strength and fulfillment. And eurythmy as THE form to dive into the living, inherent forces of one's own being. Because, then it begins that you are moved, astonished, touched, liberated, encouraged.... Alive!


Evelyn Richbell - Caroline Salter

Evelyn Richbell and Caroline Salter

Our common project is Compass Rose. In this climate of well- founded concern over the well being of children, we have combined our complementary skills to offer a unique way of supporting children and families who are struggling for one reason or another.Our vision is to support the child by creating a circle of cohesion and collaboration between family, teachers and therapists around the child. Conversation with parents, eurythmy with the child and consultation and child study with the teachers are the key elements of this innovative approach.

Caroline says: Parents can often feel a loss to know how to access the right help and be able to find a listening ear and a non-judgmental gesture of heart-felt support, which is tailored to individual circumstances. There is no "one size fits all".

Evelyn says: I am convinced of the benefits of Eurythmy as a balancing and far reaching therapy for trauma, especially since, for children, it can be playfully introduced and thus bypass the intellectual level and work deeply into the organism in an upbuilding, imaginative and creative way.

Evelyn has many years experience in eurythmy, working with children, teachers, doctors, therapists and parents. She currently works as the Eurythmy therapist at the Blackthorn Trust in Kent UK - a therapeutic garden setting for recovery, specialising in Pain Management and Mental Well Being. A tutor on the London Steiner Waldorf Kindergarten training, she has evolved input for their curriculum: "Why Eurythmy in the Kindergarten" and "New Eyes and New Ears for Children", centering on the call to teachers to recognize and work with the escalating contemporary needs of the young child. The need to address the experience of trauma has become increasingly clear to Evelyn in her eurythmy work and she looks for the transformative element in both therapist and patient.

Caroline completed her Integrative Psychosynthesis Counselling Diploma at Re-vision, London in 2014. Caroline worked as a manager and lead counsellor at an inner city counselling agency, where she gained experience working with complex clients, leading to her awareness of a need for a truly individualised approach involving a development of a deep listening style. In meeting so many people as a counsellor Caroline has come to see the many and various forms trauma can take. Out of her background as a eurythmy therapist for children with special needs and eurythmy teacher in schools, Caroline has co founded Compass Rose with Evelyn.

James Dyson

Dr. med. James Dyson is a doctor, psychologist and teacher and co-founder of the Park Attwood Clinic in England. His main concern is to develop an awareness of intersubjective relationships and to contribute to an expansion of current paradigms in psychology and psychosomatics. 

Since leaving Park Attwood, James’ long-standing commitments in the field of adult education increased, initially in the areas of mental health, child development and general medicine. He is a long-standing contributor to Biographical Counselling Trainings and to programmes in anthroposophic psychology in the USA and has also been a Faculty Member of the Medical Section Seminar in Mental Health (UK) and the British Post-graduate Anthroposophic Doctor’s Training. He has conducted seminars on medical and psychological themes in Australia, New Zealand and is senior Faculty Member of the Association for Anthroposophic Psychology in the USA.

James completed a training in Applied Psychosynthesis at the Institute of Psychosynthesis, London, and was awarded a Masters’ degree in Psychosynthesis Psychology from Middlesex University.

James is a course leader for:

James is Autor of:

Bondarevych Iryna 2 800x800

Iryna Bondarevych Ph.D. studied History and Archaeology at the Faculty of History at the National University of Saporoshchia. She worked as a history teacher from 1991 to 2001, teaching in a secondary school. From 2003 to 2006 she was a project manager in a children's development center - creating development spaces for pre-school children aged 3-7 and school children aged 8-12. She earned a Ph.D. in Philosophical Anthropology and Cultural Philosophy at the State Pedagogical University M.P. Dragomanova Kyiv (dissertation "Spiritual integrity of the individual as an attribute of self-development"). Since 2007 she has been teaching philosophy at the psychological and pedagogical institute at the National Polytechnic University of Saporoshchia.


Gulzaira Mamonova runs an art therapy practice in Omsk, Russia and gives courses on site and online.

Mamonova Gulzaira12Her interest in people and their connection with the world spurs her constant development in the fields of psychotherapy and art. The connections between them form a mutually enriching process of reaching a new level of understanding a person and helping them.

Art brings you into the depths of your body, you feel your inner world and the outer world. Art therapy lifts your feelings into the realm of consciousness. You become aware of what is happening in the depths of yourself. This allows you to connect more deeply with your inner essence, to see what image of the future you carry within you, and to let it slowly grow and become a sustaining force.

In drawing and painting, we care about the process. It doesn't matter how well you can draw or paint.

Drawing and painting are the bridge between inside and outside. Our soul lives in color, a certain form releases certain forces - our individuality is related to this.

Mamonova Gulzaira 9When working with certain pictorial-imaginative techniques corresponding to a particular planet, one can feel their different qualities and their connection not only with the human body, but also with our biography. The way the planetary forces are connected with us is expressed on a sheet of paper. We can harmonize what comes into being on the paper, it is reflected within ourselves and becomes our new experience.

Each of us takes our own steps in this process. Artistic activity becomes part of the inner development.

Tetiana Borodulkina

Tetiana Borodulkina Ph.D. is a practicing psychologist. She holds a Ph.D. in psychology and is an assistant professor at the Department of Psychology and Pedagogy at the State University of Internal Affairs in Dnipropetrovsk. She has 20 years of practical experience, including working in orphanages (Kyiv), a child development center (Saporoshchia), telephone counseling (Kyiv). She has been teaching psychological disciplines at universities for 18 years (Saporoshchia, Dnipro). She has over 15 years of research experience, and has received training in "Psychotherapy in the sense of Anthroposophy" and in Waldorf education. From 2014 to 2021, she has led experimental work on "Promoting the mental development of children using Waldorf education."

Karsta Johannes

Karsta Johannes

I grew up in a small village in the ex-GDR. Actually I was always outside. Nature gave and gives me friendship, comfort and security.


At preschool age I taught myself to read. I always enjoyed reading and memorizing words and inevitably I became aware of many word meanings, have a large selection of words and thus some control over language. I worked for several years as a co-therapeutic assistant to an autistic boy, as an integration aide in elementary school classrooms, and as a remedial teacher and teacher at special needs centers.

Since 1997 I have been involved with Tibetan Buddhism and working to integrate the Buddha Dharma into all facets of my life. I had my first eurythmy experience in 2018, and eurythmy therapy brought my body into deep relaxation. Since then, thanks to the internet and E4U, I was able to learn the sounds and many exercises. Besides, I like to be at home in art, because dada is alive.