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Join us for a special workshop where we look at how technology is trying to take over human bodies and souls and how eurythmy can help us to counteract this development. In a time of unprecedented challenges from the development of technology, we will try to listen to our inner selves and search for the true tasks of the human being. 

Eurythmy, group work and theoretical parts alternate in each module. We will talk to each other and practise elementary eurythmy techniques that promote a deeper understanding of what lives in our movements and the human spirit in order to recognise what concrete tasks and possibilities arise from this. 

Humanity on the threshold


against the background of robotics, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

22 - 24 March 2024, Hiberniaschool, Volkstraat 40, Antwerpen.


Friday 19:00-20:30: Eurythmy and technology

The first evening will look at eurythmy in the context of digital challenges including theoretical reflections on the influence of computer technology on the human body. We will provide practical insights into Rudolf Steiner's lesser known eurythmy experiments with esoteric students in Berlin.

Saturday 10:00-12:30: The human alphabet
In the second module we will look at the parallelism in the development of art and technology and the principle of initiation in modern times. To this end, we will experiment and recognise how the gestures of eurythmy can lead us to the true human being, in contrast to where Google and Co want to take us.

Saturday 14:00-16:30 : Eurythmy meditation

In the third module you will learn a protection meditation, followed by a meditation for healers and a movement meditation through the evolutionary sequence of the time planets (days of the weeks) to develop forces that allow us to move towards the future in love and with confidence.

Sunday 10:00-12:30 : Eurythmy in the digital world

In the fourth module we will use Rudolf Steiner's early eurythmy instructions to examine the effect of eurythmy in action and in listening to the resonance. Finally, we will discuss the impulse of Eurythmy4you to teach the basics of eurythmy globally in view of the challenges of our new age.

All modules can be booked separately.

Prices and Sign-up

For discounts, please contact our manager Lenie Huisken.

Course Leader

Theodor 18.7.2020 Pfad DE - Schnitt1Theodor Hundhammer studied aeroplane construction and factory operation in Braunschweig and was a production engineer at Wala Heilmittel GmbH from 1990 to 1994. He has a eurythmy therapy practice in Bern and was president of the Swiss Eurythmy Therapy Association for many years. Theodor Hundhammer is the founder and CEO of Eurythmy4you, an innovative online platform for eurythmy for self-development and health. As co-director of the Perseus Research Association, he regularly conducts research projects on online eurythmy courses for stress management and cancer together with the Institute for Complementary and Integrative Medicine IKIM at the University of Bern.


Lenie Huisken FB 2022Time: 22 - 24 March 2024

Language: The presentations will be held in English, contributions to the discussion and questions can be asked in Dutch, French and German.

Venue: Hiberniaschool, Volkstraat 40, Antwerpen.

Manager: For all organisational matters please reach out to Lenie Huisken under lenie.huisken@gmail.com,  
Tel. +32 477 82 48 96

Leonardo da Vinci Principle - Poster Schnitt


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