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The Challenge of Our Times

Technology’s Role in Human Evolution in the Light of Spiritual Science.

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Time       Location       Days
March 8-9       Edinburgh
  Fri - Sat  
March 12-14   Emerson College
March 15-17   London
  Fri – Sun    
March 17   Stroud, Evening lecture   Sun   Christian Community church on Cainscross Rd. at 7:30pm
March 19-20   Tintagel Castle

 For information and booking write to tobias@soundingbowls.com


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MysTech is a not-for-profit Anthroposophical organization devoted to cultivating a relationship between Mankind and machine that will be healthy and helpful for future evolution. We understand the need for inner development whereby we can act with a moral purpose whose impulse can drive future machines. Rudolf Steiner called this “mechanical occultism”. MysTech hopes to attain ‘critical mass’ whereby it can support research and development. Towards this goal, MysTech offers numerous study groups, webinars, and an annual conference.

Throughout Rudolf Steiner's years of lecturing, he warned about the dangers as well as the necessary role of technology in our evolution. In his last Letters to Members, he explained how evolution has brought us to a mastery of the physical, of Nature, but also of how technology will pull us down into the realm of sub-nature. This is unavoidable and throughout his lectures where he discusses the dangers of technology, Steiner offers us counterbalances. For example, to transform the sub-nature of technology into good, we must develop our individual spiritual freedom. To achieve this, we must learn to consciously enter the realms of the super-sensible worlds (the etheric and astral realms) and thus compensate for our inevitable descent into sub-nature. Eurythmy will be shown to be a key counterbalancing activity.

In addition, there are certain tasks to be fulfilled by the peoples of specific geographic regions of the Earth. Steiner describes some of these tasks in lecture 3 of The Challenge of the Times where he discusses three distinct streams of occultism: Eugenic in the East, Hygienic in the Middle, and Mechanical in the West and in North America in particular. He indicates that America has a defined role for the 7th Post-Atlantean Cultural Age for which our technological developments play a key preparatory role. MysTech’s purpose is to help realize this Mechanical Occultism in the West. The Middle has inherent skills to find the Hygienic, the counterbalances and ways to heal such as offered by Eurythmy. It is therefore essential for Eurythmy Therapists to recognize the polarity of Eurythmy to technology and to consciously work with it to counterbalance our descent into the sub-nature upon the back of technology. The Eugenic Occultism apparently has yet to commence.

You are invited to participate in a series of lectures and workshops where we will explore technology from a spiritual scientific perspective. We will help you experience and recognize the dangers of technology, the elemental and Vulcan beings engaged, and how adversarial forces work to thwart such efforts that serve human evolution. We will engage you in Eurythmy Therapeutic work that can help counterbalance the adverse effects of technology. We will offer other exercises and practices that can help you understand, manage, and transform your relationship to technology and to modern life. We hope that by the end of our work together, you will feel better resourced to understand the role of technology in human evolution and thereby to contribute to the future for the good of humanity and the world.

Andrew LinnellAndrew Linnell
is co-founder of MysTech, an Anthroposophical organization seeking to realize Rudolf Steiner's indications on Mechanical Occultism. In 1978-79, he took the Foundation Year at Emerson College, Sussex, UK. He has served as president of the Boston branch of the Anthroposophical Society and as admin to several Anthroposophical Facebook groups. He is an active member of the Natural Science Section and its steering committee. In 2013, he retired from a 42-year career in the computer industry where he had served as CTO or VP for small companies. He is the author of three art history books, two children’s books, and seven study guidebooks that explore the role of technology in human evolution.

Are ThoresenAre Thoresen, MVD, has trained in acupuncture, homeopathy, and anthroposophical medicine and operates a holistic private veterinary practice in Sandefjord, Norway. He has been active with MysTech since its first conference with his focus on Hygienic Occultism. He has published over 25 papers and 10 books and given lectures and workshops about his research at various venues including these MysTech conferences. Are’s current research has focused on Vidar and the Northern Way of Initiation. In his written works, Are has explored the human potential for spiritual knowledge and for new spiritual experiences in our time.

Hundhammer TheodorTheodor Hundhammer, founder of Eurythmy4you, holds a degree in aeronautical engineering from TU Braunschweig and boasts experience in experimental glider construction. He further graduated in gear mechanics and factory operations and worked for four years as a plant engineer at WALA-Heilmittel GmbH. Theodor's extensive studies in eurythmy and eurythmy therapy spanned across Holland, America, and Germany. He actively contributed to health projects in Africa and Asia in roles as a project administrator. From 2011 to 2020, he served as a board member and president of the Swiss Eurythmy Therapy Professional Association. An accomplished author with three books on Eurythmy and Eurythmy Therapy, Theodor now operates a Eurythmy Therapy practice in Bern and Biel, Switzerland.

We are very much looking forward to meeting you on the tour.

For any requests feel free to contact us.

Andrew under jandrewlinnell@yahoo.com
Theodor under theodor@eurythmy4you.com



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