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Use high sensitivity as a resource

What might just be a bit annoying to others is often unbearable for the highly sensitive: Noise, hectic light or even interpersonal tensions are so stressful for them that their quality of life suffers greatly. A pronounced sensitivity as a source of deep and true experiences can your enrich life - if you learn to deal with it better.

From now on, here in the blog, we will regularly have exciting articles which report about everything that high sensitivity can mean for us. Our annual group course for highly sensitive people not only offers you the opportunity to come to terms with your high sensitivity and to bring it into your life in a helpful way, but you will be more and more pleased that you have it.

The course starts on April 25th this year. In weekly webinars, in the chat and in daily experimentation with the exercises, we will have a lot of fun and make deep experiences. You will experience how you get ahead with your questions, we share what to do and help each other.

Just write in the blog what interests you and where you have questions!
We look forward to responding to you with new contributions.

Here you can find out directly whether you are highly sensitive yourself.

The HSP team from Eurythmy4you


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