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High Sensitivity as Potential

On this page you will find a lot of information about how you can master your everyday life and grow through your high sensitivity.



HSP certificate course 2024

Delve deeper into the topic of HSP. We  prepare together for the public HSP course in autumn 2024.

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These are our individual self-paced HSP courses

There are many courses on the subject of high sensitivity that will help you to better manage your everyday life, get to know yourself better and take your needs seriously. The special thing about our courses is that they are systematically structured according to topics that are tailored to the different layers of our personality. The basis for this is, on the one hand, the eight-fold path of the Buddha, as it was taught 2,600 years ago, and, on the other hand, the beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount. Both take up the complex connection between mind and body in a similar way and structure it according to eight or nine basic principles. In the 20th century, Rudolf Steiner identified the similarities between these two paths. The system and content of these courses are based on these sources.

A boat sails on the lake of the soul.
Sometimes the little ship sails out onto the high seas.
That can be turbulent.

Protected despite High Sensitivity

How can I protect myself from overstimulation?   If I can't stand the noise from the neighboring construction site? When I can't stand my colleagues' nervous habits? If I can't stand smells or crowds?

Four-element body scan and 12 eurythmy exercises
€ 35 .- / € 25.-
3 days unrestricted right of return.

HSP-1: High Sensitivity

Personal growth through high sensitivity
The topics and exercises in the basic course HSP-1 help you to accept and affirm your experiences of high sensitivity, which can be very irritating and painful, so that they can become manageable for you. The course is like growing  roots to strenghten your life.
Eight weeks with meditations, exercises and eurythmy.

€ 70.-/ € 50.-
3 days unrestricted right of return.

HSP-2 Recognize your Treasure

Follow-up course

The course HSP 2 is a spiritual deepening of the HSP 1 course in reverse order with the aim of: getting to know the deeper layers of your being, living without fear and becoming more and more helpful in life.

€ 70.-/ € 50.-
3 days unrestricted right of return.

The Four Elements Body Scan
It takes ten minutes to do it.
You can download it here

  • Eurythmy4you

    “The course was extremely interesting for me. For the first time I read in words what I experience inside. It is described very concretely and is "ordered".
    Thanks to the precise explanation, the exercises were easy for me, and the topics covered were also present in everyday life. I noticed that all of the exercises helped, immediately or later.
    Every morning I did the eurythmy exercises. It was very easy and I loved doing it. I experienced them as a reinforcement of the main exercises. The thematic part, the everyday exercises and the eurythmy are absolutely complementary and form a force together.
    The course brought me enormous well-being. I feel more present, calmer, more stable and more secure.”

    HSP course

Trust your perception
Become more alive inwardly
Work on a full body experience
Nurture your imagination
Breathe deeply again
Be connected

Where does the concept high sensitivity come from?

In 1996, Elaine Aron, a well-known psychologist, brought the concept of high sensitivity into the world and made it known in its depth and relevance over the next decades. We consider high sensitivity to be a very special form of perception of the self, a level of self-perception that is differentiated into many facets. Not easy, but full of potential. That is why it fits with the signature of high sensitivity that not someone else, but a highly sensitive person herself, Elaine, became the spokesperson for highly sensitive people.