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Highly Sensitive People

What is HSP?

High Sensitivity is a Higher Potential of the Self

Over-excitability, perfectionism, getting lost in multiple possibilities, problems with boundaries, excessive and stressful emotions, indecision and worrying, overstimulation and more.

High sensitivity is a very special form of perception of the Self. When we understand the potentials that lie within, a transformation towards the higher Self is positive fulfilment.

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What is a Highly Sensitive Person?

  1. Sensitivity in interpersonal relationships with a multi-faceted perception of complex relationships
  2. Heightened sensory activity to the point of clairvoyance
  3. Sensitivity to electro-smog or substances which show up as allergens
  4. Passionate, Creative, Selfless, Humorous, Empathetic
  5. Thoughts span larger contexts
  6. An acute sense of detail
  7. High body awareness and a strong sense of style
  8. Foresight as an aspect of consciousness
  9. Strongly committed to their beliefs
  10. High Sensation Seekers - People who need to experience one’s own actions strongly

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From Where Comes the Idea of HSP?

In 1996, Elaine Aron, a well-known psychologist, brought the concept of high sensitivity into the world and made it known in its depth and relevance. 


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    “The course was extremely interesting for me. For the first time I read in words what I experience inside. It is described very concretely and is "ordered".”

  • Eurythmy4you

    “Thanks to the precise explanation, the exercises were easy for me, and the topics covered were also present in everyday life. I noticed that all of the exercises helped, immediately or later.”

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    “Every morning I did the eurythmy exercises. It was very easy and I loved doing it. I experienced them as a reinforcement of the main exercises.
    The thematic part, the everyday exercises and the eurythmy are absolutely complementary and form a force together.”

  • Eurythmy4you

    “The course brought me enormous well-being. I feel more present, calmer, more stable and more secure.”