With theese courses oyou can work out important elements of eurythmy independently and make them your own. We have produced these videos with great care and are making them available to you at a very low price. A course costs 15.- euros, reduced 10.- euros.

If you would like to have all 8 basic courses, we recommend our basic eurythmy package with a discount of 33% and 14 days of unrestricted right of return for 60.- euros, reduced 40.- euros. The courses with the eurythmy improvisations of the request concert webinars are NOT part of the basic package.

Basic Exercises and Elements of Eurythmy

We recommend starting with these courses before going on to other courses. Here you learn the basics.

Basic Eurythmy Exercises

In this course, seven videos show you important basic elements of eurythmy. As you watch the exercises and practice them on your own, you enter into connection with the source of freely flowing but lawful and purpose-filled movement that is the bearer of health and life.

8 videos, 60min

The upper and the lower system

A course of seven videos on the upper and lower system in the human being and their effects on our body, our movement and our self-consciousness.

7 videos, 49min

Copper Rods and Vowels

Practice your ability to perceive inwardly and to move from within.

  • With copper in your hands you broaden your consciousness toward the world of forces that enliven and form our bodies. 
  • The inner activity which you develop through the vowels, brings your heart forces into each cell in your body and makes your inner sun shine.

Eurythmy with copper rods

In this series of six exercises with the copper rods and their variations you learn:

  1. to integrate the rod and yourself into the geometrical order of the forces of space.
  2. to allow the forces of levity surrounding us to become active in our bodies.
  3. to awaken your sensory perception in your back
  4. to manage the auto-regulative fine motoric skills of your hands and fingers from without
  5. to develop a communicative relationship to the space surrounding you
  6. and to let go

31 videos, 2h50min

The Vowels

Vowels are forces of rest, heart forces. Where there is restlessness and chaos, they order, form and point to the essential. Actually, they have no external movement. Their principle is radiation, presence and the role model. They act as invisible magnetic fields that structure the space and even give support when the exterior is removed.

In the course you learn the basic gestures of the vowels A, E, I, O, U, Ei, Au and the inner aspects of how they are built. You also get to know many exercises and variations for their execution.

21 videos, 2h15min

Deepen your Encounter with Eurythmy

Learn about the effects of Eurythmy in body and soul.

Eurythmic Meditations

This course contains three meditations

1) Light - Weight - O (1 video)

2) I think Speech (3 videos)

3) The power of Health (2 videos)

and a dossier with the texts of the meditations, in-depth questions and a retrospective summary.

6 videos, 1h25min

Therapeutic exercises

This course contains examples of exercises that are used in eurythmy therapy. They also form part of our courses for stress release and high sensitivity. The exercises included are:

  • Sympathy - Antipathy
    (2 videos)
  • Yes - No
    (4 videos)
  • U from left and right
    (1 video)
  • Hope - U
    (1 video)

8 videos, 65min

Eurythmy Improvisations

In order to explore and get to know the universe of eurythmy, it helps to be spontaneous and unencumbered. To this end, we held our eurythmy request concerts in 2020 and 2021.

The Etheric in Eurythmy
How to keep the spirit in me
Health for the Eyes
Iron - Blood - Calming the breath
Strengthening the back
Gold - Aurum
Rose and Lily
Exercises for Morning and Evening
Improving flexibility of joints
TAO Exercise
Breathing between I and you, between I and the world
Bones and vitamin D
Eurythmy for blood circulation, Harmonizing left and right
Concentration as a process
Balance - who creates it ?
Alzheimer's disease
and many more