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Unveiling Beauty

Self-study Eurythmy Courses

The integration of movement, language, and music in Eurythmy combines harmonious movement with meaning and aesthetic expression. It nurtures an inner beauty that reflects in your outward appearance.

With these courses you can work out important elements of eurythmy independently and make them your own. We have produced these videos with great care and are making them available to you at a very low price. A course costs 15.- euros, reduced 10.- euros.

If you would like to have all courses, we recommend our Eurythmy Courses Package with 3 days of unrestricted right of return for 128.- euros, reduced 98.- euros

Eurythmy Courses Package
128.- euros, reduced 98.- euros


Basic Elements of Eurythmy

We recommend starting with these courses before going on to other ones. Here you learn the basics.

With copper in your hands, you expand your awareness of the world of forces that shape and enliven your body.

Basic Eurythmy Exercises

The Etheric in Eurythmy

In this course, you will get to know important basic elements of eurythmy.

  • What do countercurrents mean and how do I create them?
  • How and why do I separate the place where the movement is generated from the place where the movement takes place?
  • How do forces that work from outside differ from those that work from within?

Then we apply what we have learned to two basic eurythmy exercises:

  • IAO as a heart exercise
  • eurhythmic walking

The upper and the lower system

A course about the upper and lower system in the human being and their effects on our body, our movement and our self-consciousness.

  • We show you how your body pulls you forwards or backwards as if by itself.
  • You will get an understanding of how the eurythmy vocal gestures are related to the inner forces of the human being.
  • You will experience how you can play with the lower and upper system and do funny things.
  • You will also learn important basic principles of the Self in movement.

Eurythmy with copper rods

With these exercises you learn:

  1. to integrate yourself into the geometrical order of the forces of space.
  2. to allow the forces of levity surrounding us to become active in our bodies.
  3. to awaken your sensory perception in your back
  4. to manage the auto-regulative fine motoric skills of your hands and fingers from without
  5. to develop a communicative relationship to the space surrounding you
  6. and to let go

Hammered copper rods for eurythmy are made at the Hilden Metal Studio: Video

Vowels, Consonants and the Word

Through the eurythmy of the vowels you develop an inner activity that brings your heart forces into each cell and makes your inner sun shine. You learn to perceive from within and to move from within.

The movements of the consonants get you into action from head to toe. Everything is interrelated and everything is infinitely deep. No being consists of itself alone, and here you can experience it directly.

In the improvisations of the request concerts you can see how you can internalize thoughts into your movement and experience their meaning in greater depth.

The Vowels

Basic gestures and variations

Vowels are forces of rest, heart forces. Where there is restlessness and chaos, they order, form and point to the essential. They act as invisible magnetic fields that structure the space and even give support when the exterior is removed.

The videos in the course are extensively animated and make the background of the vowel gestures tangible. Learning the gestures is easy and the effects are amazing.

The calming sequence


The consonants are demonstrated individually. Executing the movements, you learn about the interrelationships of the sounds and their relationships to the zodiac. You will also  experience the role of the planets in creating the gestures.

Path of the Consonants

N-B-P / M-D-T / L-V-F / G-K-H / S-R / C-Ch-W

The eurythmic gestures of the consonants, their relationships to each other and to the vowels, to the zodiac system and to the planets.

These references play a special role in deepening the Eightfold Path and the development of the laryngeal chakra.

Evoultionary Sequence


A sound-sequence of twelve consonants, in which the whole human being is expressed. We can therefore speak of the sound-sequence of the human being, of a contemporary alphabet, of a qualitative gradation of sounds, of a path of development of four times three sounds.

Word and Thought

Eurythmy Improvisations

Eurythmy is so diverse. We can explore and get to know this universe together. In order to do that, it helps to be spontaneous and unencumbered. You will find this in practice in our eurythmy request concerts.

The Etheric in Eurythmy, Liberation, How to keep the spirit in me, Iron - Blood - Calming the breath, Colours, Strengthening the back, Gold - Aurum, Rose and Lily are some of the many topics covered in this course. Have a look and let yourself be surprised.

Further Elements

The Planetary Gestures of Eurythmy

The Planetary Gestures

The planetary gestures in the order of the days of the week: Saturn (Saturday) - Sun (Sunday) - Moon (Monday) - Mars (Tuesday) - Mercury (Wednesday) - Jupiter (Thursday) - Venus (Friday). As if carried on wings, the gestures are embedded in the musical-eurythmical experience of the intervals.

Venus and Colours

The Venus gesture connects you with the forces of the earth. In a balance between giving and taking, she nourishes a center full of life. The order and the diversity of their light forces enrich the life processes in your organism. This gives you the strength to shape your outer life in a variety of ways.

The System of Wings

In the depiction of the cherub of San Marco, Venice, are described three pairs of wings. These wings can be experienced in our movement.

  • The back wing, spread sideways in the picture, connects to our shoulder blades.
  • The front wing, which is shown closed and pointing downwards, has its anchor point in the collarbones.
  • The upward-pointing wing is connected to the trapezius or hood muscle, which pulls from the occiput to the outer collarbone. Its association with a muscle is an expression of its relationship to our metabolism and will system.

Intervals and Soul Gestures

Language is a way out into the world in which souls awaken to the world, one confronts the senses, encounters the world. Music is an inner awakening and action in this process: a going out. And so one encounters one's own spirit, one's own creative activity.

In the soul gestures, the musical feeling of entering into one's own creative process is reflected back to oneself and internalized. The body is "be-toned". The relationship between the musical advance and the soul gesture is comparable to that of sound and bell. Only the sound comes first.

The Musical Hallelujah

The musical Hallelujah developed in this course is an interpretation of Rudolf Steiner's statements in his lecture cycle The Initiate Consciousness. The presentations come from the course At home in the Body for the lower senses and inner balance.

Practical Application of Eurythmy

Deepen your experiences with eurythmy. Learn more about the effects of eurythmy on the congruence of body, soul and spirit.

Eurythmic Meditations

Healing movement and meditative content complement each other ideally

  • Dealing with content that is not directly related to everyday life can help to create a helpful distance from the everyday routine.
  • Here we show you a whole series of such movement meditations and what you can pay attention to when performing them.

Therapeutic exercises

Here you will find videos to the following therapy eurythmy exercises:

  • Sympathy - Antipathy
    (2 videos)
  • Yes - No
    (4 videos)
  • U from left and right
    (1 video)
  • Hope - U
    (1 video)

Five central therapy eurythmy exercises

Yes-No, Sympathy and Antipathy, Love and E, Hope and U, A-H and Reverence.

25 videos with questions and pointers for free!

  • Yes and No: why is yes on the left and no on the right? Where does Yes and No originate? When do I inhale and exhale?
  • Why don't we switch legs for Sympathy and Antipathy? Can I also use my right leg as a supporting one?
  • Do I feel the O when I do Love? What is the difference between the big E-gesture and the Love-gesture?
  • Are the toes lifted up all the time during Hope and U?
  • How do I activate the reverence stream?

Eurythmy on Skis

60 minutes eurythmy on skis for free

Eurythmy on Skis deepens your connection to the slope, to your body, to yourself and the surrounding nature.

No knowledge of eurythmy is required to practice eurythmy on skis. Eurythmy is simple and the focus is on experiencing new possibilities. Basic skiing skills are sufficient.

Those who know eurythmy and eurythmy therapy may discover the deeper meaning of the sound gestures anew whilst skiing. Eurythmy enthusiasts receive useful suggestions for their own practice.