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The Eightfold Path

Meditations - Practice - Eurythmy 

in order to find the smile of the gods...
drink all tears...
dedicate myself to earth...
bow before the stars...
and breathe the wideness.

embrace the moment...
understand every heartbeat...
look into everyone’s eyes...
bless all things...
live deeply out of silence.

The Eightfold Path
Self-study Video Course

Each section begins with the text of Gautama Buddha's Eightfold Path exercise as found, for example, on Wikipedia and the text of how Rudolf Steiner put the Eightfold Path into words at the beginning of the 20th century. In addition, we have formulated each exercise in its own words as an offering to help you shape your own approach in a self-determined way. In addition, you will find examples from everyday life of how and on what you could practice.

In the videos we first look at different aspects of the Eightfold Path. Then we show you how you can experience the meditative text of the exercise with the help of the eurythmy vowel and consonant gestures from different sides and perhaps unexpectedly deep and multilayered. You will also find the eurythmic approach to Rudolf Steiner's text as a written instruction, so you are not dependent on the videos.

You can download the written course dossier with all the texts and exercise descriptions in the introduction of the course.

Eightfold Path
For Self-Study

The practice of the Eightfold Path

The unfolding of eight forms of love

1. Thinking
2. Practicing
3. Speaking
4. Mediating
5. Reconciling
6. Connecting
7. Devoting
8. Becoming one

With the exercises of the Eightfold Path, dormant abilities are developed, which create new opportunities for the mind, the soul and everyday consciousness. Life issues may be tackled independently. Answers to and ways through current social questions can be found from within one's own inner being. By meditating, understanding and living with the themes of the Eightfold Path, you work step by step on the formation of your soul and spiritual abilities. 


On the steps of the path you develop and change.
You walk through them like walking through gates.You are developing.
Together with the whole world.


Excerpt from the content-related part of the first stage of the Path: The right opinion.

Connecting the Eightfold Path with eurythmy

Exercises for the Days of the Week, this is what Rudolf Steiner called the exercises of the Eightfold Path. From the naming of the days (Sun-Day, Moon-Day, etc.) one can see a relation to the qualities of the planets and to the centers of consciousness, also called chakras. Since the eurythmy vowel gestures are related to the planetary qualities, it is possible to connect the exercises for the days of the week with the corresponding eurythmy vowel gestures.


The right opinion     Saturday     Saturn     U     Crown chakra
The correct judgment   Sunday   Sun   Au   Forehead  chakra
The right speech   Monday   Moon   Ei   Laryngeal chakra
The right deed   Tuesday   Mars   E   Heart chakra
The right standpoint   Wednesday   Merkury   I   Solar plexus chakra
The right striving   Thursday   Jupiter   O   Sacral chakra
The right memory   Friday   Venus   A   Root chakra
The right mindfulness
  All Days   Earth   TAO   All chakras


Thus, to each step of the Eightfold Path belongs a certain vowel
, a certain heart force, which you can experience and strengthen while creating the eurythmy gestures. You will be amazed at how eurythmy can help you experience the themes of the Path from different perspectives and connect them with your body consciousness.

If you add that all vowels are in turn related to certain consonants, it will lead to a special deepening of the steps of the Eightfold Path. Just as you meet yourself in the vowels, you open yourself to the world with the consonants. And in doing so, you touch the mystery to which Rudolf Steiner points when he says that it will take another 2500 years before we really understand the Eightfold Path.


Saturday     U
L, M
Sunday   Au    T, D
Monday   Ei    F, V
Tuesday   E    W, S
Wednesday   I    B, P, H
Thursday   O    G, K, N
Friday   A    C, CH, R

With the vowels we foster the birth from within, in the consonants we experience ourselves attentively in the world.
Enlivening these simultaneously, we slowly wake up more and more in the reality of our spiritual world. We feel like we are touching essential things and feel more and more at home. Arriving, letting go, gaining strength.

  • Eurythmy4you

    “I was skating in the park on Wednesday and suddenly I realized it was too late and I might miss your Wednesday Eightfold-path webinar. I quickly took off my skates and found a secluded spot behind a tree in the park and watched the webinar from my phone.

    During the webinar, I turned around slightly and noticed that many deer with with their kids were happily grazing behind the bush right next to me. But that was not all: when I stretched myself into the "I", wasps or bees were sitting on my fingertips. It made me laugh so much inside. There was also a squirrel running around me. After the course I felt connected to the whole animal kingdom and it seemed to me that another world opened up for me.”

    August 2020

  • Eurythmy4you

    “We visited your webinar every day except Thursday.
    It was an excellent addition and deepening of our course in Bochum.

    We are both extremely satisfied with your really excellent performance. You managed to reignite our enthusiasm for eurythmy.
    Thank you for everything.”

    Juli 2020

  • Eurythmy4you

    “It was a wonderful journey of discovery.

    The Saturday with TAO was like a star where everything sounded together in joy.

    It's really amazing how refreshing it is. Great!”

    Juli 2020