The Eightfold Path

Online course with eurythmy

The Eightfold Path is the source
of our mindfulness courses

The eightfold path can be understood as the unfolding of eight forms of love:

1. Thinking
2. Practicing
3. Speaking
4. Mediating
5. Reconciling
6. Connecting
7. Devotion
8. Becoming one

The Eightfold Path for Self-Study

The course consists of eight modules, eurythmy demonstrations, in-depth texts and background information.
Two modules, the correct opinion and the correct judgment, are freely accessible as a preview.
For the time being, the video demonstrations are still the one-hour replays of the webinars.
They will be replaced with high quality videos in the next few months.
The course can be bought for 70.- / 50.- Euro.
If that is too expensive, send us an email.

First guided group course with Theodor from September 26 to November 21, 2021

This course has weekly webinars each sunday at 19:00 CET(check this time zone converter), a chat with moderation and lots of exercises. After the course you have all lessons permanently available.

Prices: You will receive the guided group course for 140 euros or reduced for 100 euros. Even those who can only pay little can participate (write an email).

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  • Eurythmy4you

    “I was skating in the park on Wednesday and suddenly I realized it was too late and I might miss your Wednesday eightfold path webinar. I quickly took off my skates and found a secluded spot behind a tree in the park and watched the webinar from my phone.

    During the webinar, I turned around slightly and noticed that many deer with with their kids were happily grazing behind the bush right next to me. But that was not all: when I stretched myself into the "I", wasps or bees were sitting on my fingertips. It made me laugh so much inside. There was also a squirrel running around me. After the course I felt connected to the whole animal kingdom and it seemed to me that another world opened up for me.”

    August 2020

  • Eurythmy4you

    “We visited your webinar every day except Thursday.
    It was an excellent addition and deepening of our course in Bochum.

    We are both extremely satisfied with your really excellent performance. You managed to reignite our enthusiasm for eurythmy.
    Thank you for everything.”

    Juli 2020

  • Eurythmy4you

    “It was a wonderful journey of discovery.

    The Saturday with TAO was like a star where everything sounded together in joy.

    It's really amazing how refreshing it is. Great!”

    Juli 2020


Webinar from 18.7.2020