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Lesson 1


  • Carried from behind (feeling shoulders, neck and back) - Supported from within (sensing through the legs)
  • Threefold walking with connection from the heart to the earth and feeling uprightness coming about through sensory perception in the shoulders.


  • Building up the heart-space from the surroundings.
  • Gently moving the lower arms in this sphere, experimenting with staying inside and going out.
  • Moving the lower leg forward, backward, forward, followed by a step.
  • Compare how this way of walking feels when the left or the right hand is connected to the heart.


  • Sitting:
  • Let your straight arms sink downwards and simultaneously turn your hands. Arms are rotated and shoulder blades are activated by the hands.
  • S-Movement with one hand. Two curves. Start inside. Hands land on the thighs in M-quality.
  • Practise the M with one hand.


  • A --> U
  • U --> A
  • The former gesture stays alive in the latter.


  • Big S-Movements with straight arms.
  • Adding M-consciousness to the hands = interest in each other.
  • Slowly create a sphere for the heart.
  • Guide this sphere through seven spaces around the body.


Exercises to strengthen and regenerate the heart.

In this course you get a fund of movement exercises that will help you to support your heart in its diverse tasks and to give it the relief it needs to bloom, shine and give.

In addition, you get access

14 days unrestricted right of return.