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How to practice

Learn the exercises in Lesson 1 and practice them at your convenience for about 15 to 30 minutes a day for a week. A week later, do the same with the level 2 exercises. They are similar, but offer a steady advance to a deeper level. Go through all six lessons like this.

After that, take a break and try other exercises. You will find a lot of material for this in our Request Concerts and in other courses from Eurythmy4you. You can also let go completely and only remember elements of the exercises for the heart every now and then during the day. It is important that you deal with it as relaxed as possible during this time.

After a six-week break, start doing the heart exercises again and repeat the course from the beginning at a slow pace. One lesson per week. Through the break you have taken, you can rediscover all the exercises anew and make them more and more your own, more personal. Try to practice in a way that make the lessons a whole new experience for you.

If you then take another break of six weeks and repeat the course a third time, you will discover new things again. Then the exercises shown in this course for the heart will have their deepest effect.

Exercises to strengthen and regenerate the heart.

In this course you get a fund of movement exercises that will help you to support your heart in its diverse tasks and to give it the relief it needs to bloom, shine and give.

In addition, you get access

14 days unrestricted right of return.