The System of Wings

System der Flügel

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In the depiction of the cherub of San Marco, Venice, are described three pairs of wings. These wings can be experienced in our movement.

  • The back wing, spread sideways in the picture, connects to our shoulder blades.
  • The front wing, which is shown closed and pointing downwards, has its anchor point in the collarbones.
  • The upward-pointing wing is connected to the trapezius or hood muscle, which pulls from the occiput to the outer collarbone. Its association with a muscle is an expression of its relationship to our metabolism and will system.

Hildegard von Bingen says in her song to the power of wisdom:

You have three wings:
On high the one swings,
on earth the second labours,
and everywhere swings the third.

The videos are an excerpt from The House of Health 6 course: At home in the body and free in the soul ! The Lower Senses and Your Inner Balance. In some places, therefore, reference is made to the lower senses.

HoH 6.1a Upper and lower system
Left and Right Columns - Back Wings - Libra

HoH 6.1b Upper and lower system
Back Wings - Libra and C - Fire Element

HoH 6.1c Upper and lower system
Middle Wings - Air Element

HoH 6.1d Upper and lower system
Middle Wings - Water Element

HoH 6.1e Upper and lower system
Middle Wings - Earth Element

HoH 6.1f Anael Raphael Michael
Three pair of wings - Anael, Raphael, Michael