The System of Wings

System der Flügel

In the depiction of the cherub of San Marco, Venice, are described three pairs of wings. These wings can be experienced in our movement.

  • The back wing, spread sideways in the picture, connects to our shoulder blades.
  • The front wing, which is shown closed and pointing downwards, has its anchor point in the collarbones.
  • The upward-pointing wing is connected to the trapezius or hood muscle, which pulls from the occiput to the outer collarbone. Its association with a muscle is an expression of its relationship to our metabolism and will system.

Hildegard von Bingen says in her song to the power of wisdom:

You have three wings:
On high the one swings,
on earth the second labours,
and everywhere swings the third.

The videos are an excerpt from The House of Health 6 course: At home in the body and free in the soul ! The Lower Senses and Your Inner Balance. In some places, therefore, reference is made to the lower senses.

HoH 6.1a Upper and lower system
Left and Right Columns - Back Wings - Libra

HoH 6.1b Upper and lower system
Back Wings - Libra and C - Fire Element

HoH 6.1c Upper and lower system
Middle Wings - Air Element

HoH 6.1d Upper and lower system
Middle Wings - Water Element

HoH 6.1e Upper and lower system
Middle Wings - Earth Element

HoH 6.1f Anael Raphael Michael
Three pair of wings - Anael, Raphael, Michael