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Which is the right course for me?

Below we offer suggestions for where to begin based on potential areas of interest. Most important is that you follow your inner voice and trust that where you begin is perfect for you!

I want short exercises which I can do quickly and feel immediate results. 

Try our Happy Heart wheel of exercises. These 108 + 1 exercises cover the whole therapeutic spectrum of the vowels. Each exercise takes only one to two minutes and can be done anywhere - at work, at the train station, in nature, or wherever you want. You will feel its beneficial and refreshing effect immediately.

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Free basic version

We have also created short sequences from these exercises, called Ten Minutes a Day, which you do on the specific day of the week that corresponds to the forces acting within a vowel. You can receive the first week of exercises for free, with a full course purchase option after that. With this regular and consistent support you will develop inner strength and foster your full health and well-being.

I consider myself to be a highly-sensitive person.
I am experiencing significant stress in my life.
I would like to improve my overall well-being and quality of life.

Do you want to transform your high sensitivity and everyday stress? Would you like to suffer less from these experiences and learn ways to cope better and further develop yourself within this complex world? 

In the Activity-Based Stress Release (ABSR) courses you will reduce your everyday stress and exhaustion. You will learn about the various forms of nervousness, such as forgetfulness and indecision, and learn exercises that address these phenomena in everyday life.

The High Sensitivity as Potential (HSP) courses will help you to accept and affirm your experiences of high sensitivity, which can be frustrating and painful. You will learn exercises that help make your sensitivities manageable for you. These courses support you in growing energetic roots which will strengthen your life forces overall.

In all of these courses, mental exercises, everyday practices and movement exercises are offered to complement each other perfectly. We have received numerous enthusiastic testimonials about these courses. In addition, research conducted with the University of Bern and the Perseus Research Organization confirms the effectiveness of the ABSR courses. The research has shown that participants with and without prior knowledge of anthroposophy or eurythmy achieved an equal  improvement in their overall well-being.

vlcsnap-2020-08-25-09h50m49s835.pngImage from our HSP courses

You can join these courses at any time directly and without prior eurythmy knowledge.It is entirely possible to go through these courses on your own or with friends and at your own pace. Your joy in doing, trying out, and practicing the exercises is completely sufficient.

However, if you are unsure of your ability to proceed without live support, then we recommend that you participate in one of the guided versions of these courses which will take place on a regular basis. 

We also offer a few courses on specific life topics and one on the Noble Eightfold Path.

If these are of interest you might want to take one of the more basic eurythmy courses first so you have a bit of a foundation for the language and some of the movement basics.

I want to do more for my health specific health issue and I need clear exercise instructions

Then the review the health options on our Eurythmy for Health tab. There you will find courses for strengthening the immune system, health for the autonomic nervous system, increasing the vitality of the heart, and many other topics.

You will be carefully guided through the exercises. You can participate in a relaxed manner and soon you will experience how much better you feel. You will feel supported by the many resources that have already become available to you. When you have completed a course, you will notice that what you have achieved cannot be taken away from you.

If you desire, you can also request a personal online consultation with Theodor. During this consultation he can assist you with creating an individual set of practices to support your unique needs. In addition, he will be able to recommend a path forward for you with eurythmy.

I am mainly interested in learning foundational eurythmy exercises

Then it is best to start with the basic exercises, so you will learn many eurythmy basics and get a feeling for the ethereal forces available to you through eurythmy.

Afterwards proceed to the Eurythmy School page to follow your next area of interest. Perhaps you are interested in learning more about the vowels or consonants in eurythmy. Or you are interested in therapeutic exercises, in using copper rods with eurythmy, in strengthening your upper and lower body systems or in eurythmy meditations. Many of these courses are offered individually or as packages.

There are also live or recorded webinars of specific eurythmy teachings which you can find here

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Image from Health in Action

You can also go straight to the many hands-on videos from the Eurythmy for Health series. With these courses you experience almost all of the videos from the courses mentioned above, but set in the context of a specific health issue or for an overall health and well-being issue (e.g., strengthening the immune system).  

For something entirely different you can experience the movements of the consonants B, H, K, L, M, P, R, S, T, W while skiing in the course Eurythmy on Skis. Through this video you may get ideas for how to experience eurythmy while participating in other physical activities. Eurythmy is everywhere!