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Eurythmy is a form of movement that Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) developed from 1912 together with Lory Maier-Smits, Marie Steiner-von Sievers and other pioneers.

The word eurythmy consists of the prefix "Eu," the Greek term for all-encompassing beauty, the essence of the human, and the word "rhythm," which stands for the creative interaction of polarities.

The sounds of the alphabet, which are expressed in gesture and movement through the art of eurythmy, are a systematic expression of the interplay of our inner forces. You can discover these forces in your own body, get them moving and use them for your well-being and in life.

The courses and videos on this site were created to help you to discover these forces in your own body, activate them, and apply them to enhance your life and well-being.

Eurythmy with copper rods?

Eurythmy with the alphabet?

In eurythmy the movements correspond to individual letters of the alphabet. You can use them to express characteristic sounds, tones and moods, even entire words. Depending on how you consciously accompany these movements and experience them internally, you activate other resources and possibilities of expression.

Eurythmy is part of the Waldorf school curriculum which was developed by Rudolf Steiner. As a stage art eurythmy belongs to the performing arts. Eurythmy therapy is a form of therapy used inanthroposophic complementary medicine for the treatment of acute and chronic illnesses.

Eurythmy with the alphabet?

 Some of the many aspects of eurythmy

On stage
Music by C. Frank und J. S. Bach

In schools
Children love eurythmy

Eurythmy therapy
J. Schwab demonstrates twelve exercises

Copper for Eurythmy
Here you can buy your copper rods

Eurythmy at home and at work

Eurythmy Online
Video courses from San Francisco

Logos Eurythmy
Video demonstrations of eurythmic sounds