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Highly Sensitive People

HSP Courses 2024

A Ten Day Course Every Sunday
September 29 to December 8, 2024
Available for Eastern and Western Time Zones 


Realise your potential, for yourself and others

High sensitivity has potential. When you recognise and develop this, you can deal with stresses and limiting situations, and this can be transformative.

We offer a safe space to share personal experiences, in small guided groups, using practical exercises and body awareness practices which you can use in everyday life.

Basic HSP Skills

  1. From high excitability to clear thinking.
  2. From perfectionism to heart-based precision.
  3. From getting entangled in many possibilities to committing to what is chosen by the heart.
  4. From inner and outer conflicts to inner balance.

The Path to Unfolding the HSP Potential

  1. Having compassion without dissolving into others.
  2. Hearing the inner voice to act in harmony with oneself.
  3. Being able to wonder to feel connected to the essential.

We work in small, guided groups. Therefore, the number of participants is limited.

Participants can prepare by attending our public conference for free




Regular - Euro 275, GBP 235, USD 295
Reduced - Euro 175, GBP 145, USD 185

For further reductions, please write to us with a request via email to info@eurythmy4you.com


Limited Seats

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Course 1 for Eastern Time Zones

September 29 to December 8, 2024
1.5 hours at 10am CET, 9am GMT,
4pm CST, 6pm AEST, 9pm NZDT
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 English with simultaneous translation into Chinese
Working groups in both English and Chinese
Course materials in English only


Course 2 for Western Time Zones

September 29 to December 8, 2024
1.5 hours at 8pm CET, 7pm GMT,
2pm EDT, 11am PDT
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HSP Conference

  • Eurythmy4you

    “The course was extremely interesting for me. For the first time I read in words what I experience inside. It is described very concretely and is "ordered".”

  • Eurythmy4you

    “Thanks to the precise explanation, the exercises were easy for me, and the topics covered were also present in everyday life. I noticed that all of the exercises helped, immediately or later.”

  • Eurythmy4you

    “Every morning I did the eurythmy exercises. It was very easy and I loved doing it. I experienced them as a reinforcement of the main exercises.
    The thematic part, the everyday exercises and the eurythmy are absolutely complementary and form a force together.”

  • Eurythmy4you

    “The course brought me enormous well-being. I feel more present, calmer, more stable and more secure.”