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Tips for practicing eurythmy

Eurythmy takes place in the body therefore the outer gestures correspond to inner movements. The outer movements stimulate inner movements or currents which together promote healing and well-being.

Most of the trainings utilize videos with illustrations superimposed over those demonstrating the movement in order to show you how to connect to the currents and inner flow of the movement, how to activate your inner powers, and what you can experience. After you view each exercise, try to repeat the exercise calmly and from memory. Be happy when you discover something new.

The GEPs of Good Eurythmy Practice *

How to begin

  • Take time to arrive at yourself.
  • Allow your body to respond and notice how it feels being seen.

What to pay attention to

  • Don't lose yourself in the tasks. Stay connected with yourself.
  • Try to do what you understood. Avoid imitating what you see.
  • Trying is what matters. Your body will take care of the rest.
  • At the end of an exercise, let your arms come back to your center.
  • Allow your breath to respond and only then let go.

What to look out for

  • Try to perceive how counterflows are at work.
  • Allow the inner counterflows to arise through being present in your body.
  • Counterflows happen simultaneously, or as a result of letting go.
  • Have you experienced moments when you felt like you didn't do the movement yourself?
  • Do you notice becoming upright from an exercise.
    That's the aim!
  • Does your body express gratitude? In what way?
    Just notice it.

How to end

  • Keep alive what you have been doing and sit down mindfully.
  • Listen to what is resonating within your body.
  • It is not important that you have many perceptions while listening.
  • For example, ask yourself which shoulder feels wider or higher than the other?
  • Any little impression or inner feeling is equally important.
  • Allow yourself to be surprised!
  • Your body is a human being too!
  • Just like you, it gains strength when it feels seen.

* We use the term GEP (Good Eurythmy Practices) according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) regulations. GMP guidelines provide minimum requirements that a manufacturer must meet to prevent harm from occurring to the end user. The GEP guidelines care for the benefit of the practitioner.


Practice time: how often and how long?

Exercising for a small amount of time every day is the best. Start off with a short amount of time, which you can later expand to 20 to 30 minutes. Try to arrange for an undisturbed practice time.

Eurythmy strengthens our body awareness and leads us into a dialogue with it. If you notice that the exercises do you good and you wish to do them often, we recommend that you do so with care and alternate them with other exercises and activities. As with all things in life, it is important to find the right balance in doing the exercises and not to overdo them.

You will notice that within the videos, there are moments when the screen goes blank and there is a pause. In such pauses between the exercises and at the end, you can learn to pay attention to the life forces within and around you by sitting or standing quietly. This gives the life body space, the life forces are strengthened, and you connect with your personal potential.

vlcsnap-2020-08-25-09h57m05s726.jpgImage from our Basic Eurythmy Exercises

Space and clothing needed

Support your practice by preparing the room a bit. The more calm it radiates and the less distraction there is, the better you will perceive yourself from within and be able to execute and experience your movements accordingly. Outer clutter can be a reflection of inner clutter. Wear clothing that is comfortable to the touch and doesn't get in the way of free movement of your arms and legs. However, no special clothing is required and these exercises can also be done while seated.

Eyes open or closed?

If you do not have a lot of experience with eurythmy, you may wish to close your eyes while doing the exercises. Then you feel - at least at the beginning - more easily what is going on inside you. However, as soon as possible in your practicing, try to keep your eyes open.

Eurythmy is based on the unity of your inner world with the world around you. That is why we keep our eyes open, the gaze is relaxed and unfocused. We look inside ourselves, but also out into the world - at the same time!

Do not use mirrors to see if you are doing everything "right" - that doesn't matter! Work with your inner feeling and realign yourself from within. You have everything you need within you!

Have fun and enjoy discovering!