The art of a long life

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A long and fulfilled life may be everybody's wish. Of course there is a connection between this and the wish to keep vitality and mental power into an old age.

"It is true that medicine was created because of our long life. So we can reach an age of 80 years and also master years of effort and labor. Because we are made of dust and shadows that dissolve like a water bubble every day." (Paracelsus)

Everyone consists of eurythmy! The word eurythmy consists of the prefix "Eu", the Greek expression for humanity, and the word "rhythm" which stands for the creative interplay of polarities.

This course was developed as a contribution to the "Gesundheitstage 2019" in Munich held by The suggestions for the compilation of the exercises come from an article by Olaf Rippe about medicinal plants in elixirs of life: The Water of Life: Aqua vitae 

Mercury stimulates all metabolic processes because it is subject to the principle of change. In the world of medicines, mainly umbelliferous plants exert such an effect. Their flower formation is reminiscent of fireworks. Due to their radiant, light-like blossom structure, they seem to have a connection to the entire world of stars.
Text and Image: Olaf Rippe,

I feel good – even in old age !

Oberer unterer Mensch
I - feel - myself! That's why I feel good.

Doldenblütler gelten als Theriak des armen Mannes - Olaf Rippe
How to work with this course

Healthful movement for a long life

A in Action - A1 English
Right and Left

B01 streaming up and streaming down
Streaming up and streaming down

A in Action - A2 English
The right column leads forwards - The left column leads backwards

B04 The arms rise by themselves - Zenith and Nadir
My star above me - my star below me

B03 Breathing with the arms -2- whole body engaged
Breathing with the arms

M-01.en The power of health
The Power of Health

listening to the resonance

Snap Oldies Beatrice Nachwirken
Come to rest - listen to the resonance

Meditation: Quiet I bear within me