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Activity-based Stress Release
ABSR Research Project 2023


We aim to demonstrate that simple everyday exercises as described by Rudolf Steiner, in combination with targeted Eurythmy have significant positive effects on general mental health and overall quality of life.

Our goal is to raise awareness about the importance and potential of stress management in society and to stimulate interdisciplinary discourse within the research community.

The project focuses on four main areas:

  • Stress Management: Our target audience includes individuals with stress management needs, older adults, caregivers, singles, couples, men, and business professionals. You and Me
  • Pedagogy: The course for Waldorf teachers and educators is recognized by the Federation of Free Waldorf Schools as professional development. It serves both as a preventive measure against burnout and a means to better assist children. ABSR for Education
  • Trauma and Post-Traumatic Growth: As stress is a central element of post-traumatic disorders, we have expanded the ABSR concept for trauma work and healing. We now invite doctors, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and their clients to participate in the project. ABSR for Psychotherapy
  • Cancer-Related Fatigue: With cancer and after cancer treatment, many individuals experience severe fatigue, often accompanied by significant internal stress. We aim to investigate and validate that everyday ABSR exercises combined with Eurythmy have a positive impact on cancer-related fatigue and overall well-being. These courses are offered for free. ABSR for Cancer-Related Fatigue

The online courses will be conducted from approximately September 30th to December 2nd, 2023, in German, English, Swedish, Finnish, Ukrainian, Russian, and Chinese.


The course instructors have been trained by Eurythmy4you, have undergone the courses themselves multiple times and collaborate intensively. They are looking forward to getting to know you and being on the road with you.

In the courses, you will be introduced to Rudolf Steiner's exercises for addressing nervousness and to Eurythmy movements, which accompany each exercise. This process helps you develop a new relationship with yourself, reduce chronic stress, and enhances your resilience. You'll also learn to recognize stress as a matter of different qualities of consciousness.

Understanding the project's purpose. Finding the perfect course.

How to participate. The conduct of the research.