Confidence and Protection

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Foster Immunity from within

Exercises with a focus on our immune system. Experience the body musically and get to know the consonants as a source of resilience and self-assertion.

The right and left pillars
Streaming through the body.
Being carried by your wings
Arrive at yourself

The O as a form in space
Light - Weight - O

A-E-I-O-U as a biography
U-O-I-E-A in the legs
Becoming light and connected: HM

The happy heart: I.
Space and shelter: H-M-I-B
I Am Here

Eurythmy with Theodor 3-30-2020 Monday English
Lesson 2

Eurythmy with Theodor 2020-04-06 Monday
Lesson 3

Eurythmy with Theodor - Monday 2020-04-13 Easter Monday
Lesson 4

Eurythmy with Theodor - Monday English 20.4.2020
Lesson 5

2020-04-27 Eurythmy with Theodor - Monday
Lesson 6