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    The Planetary Gestures
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      R. Steiner - Schicksalbestimmende und Menschenbefreiende Planeten GA228
    • Saturn
      ABSR Gruppenkurs Planeten EN - Woche 7
    • Sun
      ABSR Gruppenkurs Planeten EN - Woche 6
    • Moon
      ABSR Gruppenkurs Planeten EN - Woche 5
    • Mars
      ABSR Gruppenkurs Planeten EN - Woche 4
    • Mercury
      ABSR Gruppenkurs Planeten EN - Woche 3
    • Jupiter
      ABSR Gruppenkurs Planeten EN - Woche 2
    • Venus
      ABSR Gruppenkurs Planeten EN - Woche 1
    • All Planets in a Row 1
      ABSR Gruppenkurs Planeten EN - Woche 8
    • All Planets in a Row 2
      Ausschnitt - ABSR 2022 Certificate Course Planets and Vowels
    • In Balance between Giving and Taking
      Thumbnail. Venus und Farben
    • 2) Venus Gesture, Forms for Colors
      Thumbnail. Venus und Farben
    • 3) Forms for Colors, Venus Gesture
      Thumbnail. Venus und Farben
    • 4) Color Gestures, Colour Mood
      Thumbnail. Venus und Farben
    • 5) Colour Forms - Venus Gesture
      Thumbnail. Venus und Farben
    • 6) Color Gestures, Venus Gesture
      Thumbnail. Venus und Farben


1 Saturn - Margalit Laufer

SATURN : deep contemplation

The movement of Saturn, brings the two arms together, laying the open right hand over the left on the curve of the forehead. Then the arms are moved slowly down to the solar plexus and up again to the forehead in long, slow, smooth, even movements like the visor of a helmet, deeply contemplative in mood.

Saturn is the farthest planet, beyond his threshold one passes into the cosmos. In his slow measured step, his long rhythms, he is the guardian of all events from the beginnings of the earth’s history. He holds time in his hands.

 In that Saturn bears the memory of the germ of our beginnings, so too he awakens in us the capacity for taking hold of the form we have evolving through time and the stages of the earth. He awakens in us the movements for uprightness. We are not just upright by virtue of our skeleton, but through his activity in us, through which we raise ourselves up out of the horizontal plane of the animals into the vertical, standing between heaven and earth.

The eurythmic movement for Saturn is entirely upright and expresses the human being turned in on himself, encompassing all that has been, deeply pondering, deeply contemplative.