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Eight Sequences for Men with Heart.

Take time to arrive at yourself....

If you look around a bit in men's literature, you will find similar statements over and over again. Sometimes more intense, sometimes less intense, they want to indicate that in every man, alongside all individuality, there is something shared that wants to be acknowledged, defended, and lived. It sounds something like this:*

  1. A real man has higher goals. He stands up for his opinion.
  2. A real man feels fear and still goes forward. He takes the consequences.
  3. A real man does not project desires and is not fixated on approval. He can experience pleasure and fulfillment independently of others.
  4. A real man has boundaries. He rebels when necessary and crosses them to get to know himself.
  5. A real man is always ready to be a crazy outsider. He doesn't care what other people think.
  6. A real man loves. He warmly greets a stranger at any time because he loves the world and every person. 
  7. A real man has contact with real men. He allows things to be said to his face that compel him to grow.
  8. A real man has made peace with his father. He has let go of difficult experiences and harbors no resentment.

How do you feel about it when you read it?

Are they moral messages for you that are somehow beyond? Or is it something that is needed to make life exciting and enjoyable?

From week to week we thematise a topic and tell each other what we think about it. During the week we do one of the seven ABSR exercises and every day two minutes of eurythmy. This works in every setting. It's really important that you do this so that stress turns into a challenge, you manage it with success and negative stress disappears from your life.

In the eight meetings we support each other in our manhood and together we build up an energy that helps us to go through the weeks with pleasure. ABSR and eurythmy then touch exactly those levels that allow us to recognise what we need to deal with stress and let it slowly but surely grow and mature within us.

* Quotes from men's literature