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Power of Health

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  • a 21-minute Power of Health meditation video with explanations and demonstrations.
  • daily emails with exercises specially designed for each day of the week, starting next Sunday and continuing for one week.
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PlayMind Theodor-Hundhammer

The Power of Health

Being behind
Being in front
My star above me
My star below me
My angel in me

Streaming up and streaming down
Contracting and expanding
Streaming in and streaming out
And always the opposite simultaneously


Then it starts
Then one is moved


This is
and Emerging


 Text: Theodor Hundhammer 

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Its an honour to be interviewed by Tchera Niyego.

We exchange and discuss the background of Eurythmy, the role of sense perception in generating movement, the significance of breathing and its deepening through Eurythmy.

And of course, there are plenty of opportunities to participate and try it out.


We are looking forward to see you there

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