The conference is about meaning, meditations, the art of living and practical exercises to overcome trauma. Experienced doctors and researchers like Harald Haas, James Dyson, Yuriy Yurchenko and others show different approaches to trauma therapy. And people from the field present a wealth of proven exercises for first aid and post-traumatic growth.

If you yourself are  affected by trauma and suffer from it, you will learn in the lectures and workshops what is necessary so that you are not defeated by trauma, but on the contrary  develop positive forces and can enter into post-traumatic growth.   

For you as a doctor and therapist, the  easy-to-use emergency exercises for trauma shown in the workshops offer a set of stabilizing elements to complement your other therapies.  You get a cognitive framework on how and for what purpose the elements are applied.  

As a relative or friend, you will better understand the challenges of trauma, see what  your loved ones are struggling with,  and can support them to make post-traumatic growth a reality. The practical exercises are suitable for everyday use and easy to understand, so you can show them to your loved ones and  try them out with  them.  In addition, you have the videos available, where you can watch everything again.

All exercises are simple and can  be done without problems even with restricted mobility.  You can understand and apply them immediately even without previous knowledge.

Conference Languages: English, Russian and German. Participants will have lifetime access to the recordings of all lectures and workshops.

The costs are 120 Euro/90 Euro. Booking of single events is possible.

Conference Languages: English, Russian and German

All contributions will be simultaneously translated into English, Russian and German. The language of the speakers is indicated in the programme.

People from other language areas can bring a translator with them free of charge. Please contact Anastasiia for details.

Recordings and Handouts

Participants will have lifetime access to the recordings of all lectures and demonstrations, as well as to the lecturers' handouts if they are made available.

Literature for preparation

In German:

  • Regina Lackner, Stabilisierung in der Traumabehandlung. Ein ganzheitliches methodenübergreifendes Praxisbuch, Springer 2021
  • Christian Schopper, Trauma überwinden. Ein Handbuch für Therapeuten und Betroffene, Urachhaus 2019
  • Alejandra Mancini, Cornelia Buchner, Trauma verstehen, Verletzte Seelen unterstützen. Hilfe für Angehörige und Freunde, Nympenburger 2022

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Trauma Forum

For conference participants and all who want to discuss and exchange experiences and thoughts.

Please be respectful of each other in your posts. Everyone who posts to the forum is sharing something very personal about themselves. Receive it as a gift, move it in your heart and respond from there!

The forum is free for everyone who wants to participate. In order to read and write posts, you must be registered and logged in. 

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Trauma and HSP - The HSP Certificate Course 2023

The group behind this conference will continue to work on the outcomes and make them part of our HSP course for Highly Sensitive Individuals scheduled for May.

Learn more about our HSP courses

Team members, friends and leaders of eurythmy4you courses meet on Tuesday afternoons to further exchange on what we have learned in the conference meetings and further develop our practical approach to trauma and HSP.

If you are interested to take part in this additional work contact

Note for those affected by trauma.

Anybody is free to participate, but: If you are traumatized yourself this conference may not be for you.

The conference is primarily aimed at psychologists and therapists, to give them suggestions as to what can be achieved and how. By debating together and working on what is shared, we hope to disseminate and develop new approaches to trauma-related issues among participants.

During this conference we cannot support you if topics or content trigger difficult experiences. Please make sure that you can manage them yourself or have help ready if necessary.