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Bettina hsp

Bettina Hannsz studied art, politics and drama in Kassel and Marburg an der Lahn. A strong urge to move led her to dance therapy and eurythmy in The Hague. In 1992, as the author of "Children like Yoga" and through her professional clown work, she was able to skilfully and competently harmonise her pedagogical-artistic and therapeutic experience and skills.

Qualified Bettina Hannsz - Farbe Hochsensibilit√§tas a SOULING¬ģ therapist, she followed the psychological and spiritual approach of walking the path of the heart with love, lightness and vitality. With the knowledge and acceptance of her high sensitivity, she was able to let go of existing pain and burden 12 years ago. This liberation led her to the transformative power of becoming a healing artist and healer.

Contact: tin_five@yahoo.de

Oksana Alekhina

Oksana Alekhina, Founder of the Academy of Social Art in Moscow, is a business consultant, Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor of MBA programmes at the Russian Academy of National Economics and certified specialist of eurythmy in business life.

Academy Social Arts Moscow transparent

I have been working in business consulting, training and executive development for more than 25 years, as a teacher of MBA programmes for about 20 years. Since 2014, together with my colleagues, I have been organising open and educational courses based on unique methods and approaches based on a deep understanding of the human being, knowledge of the laws of human and organisational development as a living being. These are courses and trainings on eurythmy in business life, on professional biography, "learning by doing" projects, international conferences on living companies.

In 2002 I formulated my mission "To contribute to the development of others through my own development". Since then, I see it as my task to create opportunities for all those who seek to further their development to learn and master proven approaches and methods that are relevant to the spirit and challenges of the present time, supporting transformation at the personal, team and organisational levels.

I am inspired by meetings and joint projects with colleagues from the international community of ASD (Association for Social Development) counsellors, the works of the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner, the founder of anthroposophy, and his followers, such as Bernhard Lievegoed, Lex Boss, Gudrun Burkhard, Albrecht Hemming and many others.

Jay hsp

Lara Jay Hequet is a mosaic of varying life experiences for which she is grateful. She has been immersed in several Anthroposophical ideas and has tried to understand them as her unique individual self.

Lara Jay is a qualified Professional Chef, Holistic Nutritionist, Professional Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, an author and more. She coaches clients on business, relationships, wellness and thought limitations.

Most importantly, she is a lifelong learner with intentions of living a beautiful life despite obstacles and challenges in all areas. She prides herself in being an imperfect human being full of love and kindness.


Hundhammer Theodor

Theodor Hundhammer is the founder of the online platform Eurythmy4you. There he develops courses on stress management, high sensitivity and current disease topics such as cancer. He produces the videos, is responsible for the content and trains employees who teach the course content worldwide.

Theodor grew up in Bavaria near Munich. Even as a schoolboy he was an avid glider pilot and studied aviation at the TU Braunschweig. There he built experimental gliders and graduated in the fields of gear mechanics and factory operations. In between he worked in curative education, geriatric care and trained as a kindergarten teacher. After completing his studies, he was employed as a plant engineer at WALA-Heilmittel GmbH, during which time he dealt with the spiritual significance of technology for humans.

Theodorstudied Eurythmy in Holland and America and Eurythmy Therapy in Pforzheim, Germany. He then founded his practice in Bern and Biel in Switzerland. In addition to his therapeutic work, he worked  at FAIRMED until 2011 as a project administrator for health projects in Africa and Asia. From 2011 to 2020 Theodor was board member and president of the Eurythmy Therapy Professional Association Switzerland.

Eurythmie auf Skiern CoverTheodor is author of four books (in German):