What do I do if the exercise "sympathy-antipathy"helps me, but doing it causes me pain?

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It is a fundamental law that eurythmy exercises are always carried out so that they are soothing. This is possible because in the case of eurythmy, it is primarily not the physical, but the energetic, ethereal movement that emerges and takes the body with it. Therefore, you can adjust each exercise either from the inside or from the outside so that there is no pain.

A participant in the HSP-1 High Sensitivity course wrote to me:

For some time I have been practising the Hypersensitivity exercises. I go at my own pace, lingering longer in one exercise and less in another. Gradually this creates a previously unknown trust. There are many positive effects that can be noticed. ....

But in the Sympathy-Antipathy exercise, in which one stands on the left leg and only the right one moves slowly, practising produces stinging, increasing pains in the left hip. It feels like a flammable reaction that lingers on into the next day. Despite these physical problems, I experience this exercise as totally helpful and important on a soul-spiritual level. That's why I'd like to be able to continue doing it somehow.

In the exercise E with the legs (crossing the legs above the knee while standing) there were also problems at first, but they have subsided and the exercise now works well.

Question: Should I try to do the sympathy-antipathy exercise despite the pain? Or is this exercise also possible while sitting down? Or do you have another idea?

Here is my answer:

Eurythmy exercises should basically do well, always and at all levels! But because all bodies are built differently and we all have our themes, even a very simple movement may at times produce pain. Fortunately, in eurythmy, you can adjust all exercises according to your personal circumstances, without losing their effectiveness.

In the case of the E-exercise with the legs, you have experienced how, over time, something can arise that carries you from the inside and causes no more pain. This is of course something very beautiful and shows how a strength can be built up from the inside that carries the body, strengthens it and gives it an inner hold.

It's more difficult with the Sympathy-Antipathy exercise because our hips are not used to carrying the whole weight alone for so long. And then only on the left.

So you had just the right intuition:

  • Yes, the sympathy-antipathy exercise may be done whilst sitting!
  • Above all, it depends on the slowness of the movement and on accompanying it inwardly.
  • It is also helpful if, inwardly, the dormant leg is watching the moving leg.
  • Then take a break and pay attention to the after effects.

Thanks for the good feedback and for your question

Translation: Adele


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