How do I do eurythmy with the heart when the heart is a pump?

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Something similar a student asked me some days ago. I share my answer with you here. What do you think about that?

Is the heart a pump? I'm moving further and further away from this attitude. Yes, the heart can contract and send blood to the periphery. But that does not make it into a pump that simply runs when you switch it on. The heart has very fine nerves with which it senses what's coming in with the blood, and how it can best respond. It is so faithful and so healthy and so complex, I can…

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U in the legs - How do I do it without getting tense?

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A participant in the ABSR 1 course wrote me this e-mail in the seventh module:

What can I do so that I do not tense my legs with the U? When merging the legs internally or when building tension in the lower system, I seem to cramp myself (although I rather feel the movement as subtle).

I have responded:

Try to be mindful of feeling your lower legs and calves and creating the confluence there first, as tenderly as possible. And to bring about the confluence of the legs and the body from there.…

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What do I do if the exercise "sympathy-antipathy"helps me, but doing it causes me pain?

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It is a fundamental law that eurythmy exercises are always carried out so that they are soothing. This is possible because in the case of eurythmy, it is primarily not the physical, but the energetic, ethereal movement that emerges and takes the body with it. Therefore, you can adjust each exercise either from the inside or from the outside so that there is no pain.

A participant in the HSP-1 High Sensitivity course wrote to me:

For some time I have been practising the Hypersensitivity exercis…

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