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Thinking, led by the I


I think speech,
I speak,
I have spoken,
I seek myself in the spirit,
I feel myself within myself,
I am on the way to the spirit to myself.
R. Steiner


Ich_denke_die_ Rede-Agrippa

In order to explore and get to know the universe of eurythmy, it helps to be spontaneous and unencumbered. To this end, we held three webinars with 20 eurythmy request concerts from May 2020 to March 2021.

Ten minutes before the start of the webinar, we activated the chat and collected requests.
  • a general question we could work on
  • a eurythmical element like a sound, a gesture,
  • a sequence of sounds or a word,
  • a sentence or a short meditation,
  • a question about a previous lesson,
  • a health concern.

Then we selected three wishes. Working on it together was a very nice and invigorating experience. Unplanned, but deep! Here you can participate in the results.